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By Raelyda Resident



BACKGROUND: Freakdom will allow a new place for the fine people of the city to come to relax and allow for their freak flags to fly. It will allow for more classy feeling for the fetish crowd, being that is the main focus of the club.. It will bring employment to fellow minded people of the city as well as allowing others to enjoy the best, and freakiest of fun that we could possibly offer. Not to mention while we do have bars in the city, of course.. A full on club is very much lacking at the moment. And while I will never say we would take away from the DR area.. Totally will give a reason for a small rivalry of trying to keep a customer base between the two.

UNIQUE: I mean, it's pretty? But really. It is an upscale sort of place for the monochrome city. And it would be more focused on the Fetish end of things.. Employees in some sort of gear at all times while on the clock.

EXPERIENCE:I have been here quite some time, even if there have been breaks here and there.. I was around when Corruption was around and did help Sallie out a decent amount with her planning and the like.. Even if IC'ly not the most.And being around for as long as I have, hit and miss I do know at least a decent chunk of the community. OH, And I am not above using candy to bribe people.. That makes me a good leader, Right?

IDEAS:Meeting with them when they first hire on of course, getting them to understand the purpose of the club in the over-all idea of the place.. As for engaging new players, That one could be done by handing out fliers trying to drag people to the club for a good time as well, or if when it is staffed sending out the minions to spread the word of Freakdom to the masses.

OTHER:For our grand opening, we would most likely cater to the idea of a masked fetish party, where anonymity would hopefully encourage patrons to let their freak flag fly, as well as keep the stab happy nature of many Dead End citizens to a minimum.

September 5, 2017 at 8:10 am
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September 7, 2017 at 9:37 am
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