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By Braeden Spellhunter



BACKGROUND: Let me start off by saying, the others that have proposed to run the DEPD are great rpers.. I have had the opportunity to rp with them all. With that being said I’ll wait for the shock of Brae applying to be captain to wear off…….. Ok, down to business. As a criminal and as a lawyer I've been in deadend for about 3.5-4 years now. In my time I've watched Captains come and go and the person who was able to maintain a good mix was Shade. Which I think that is why it's so sad to see her step down. I've personally tried to get a corrupt cop in the department on my side. It's a struggle to say the least! As a lawyer Brae has raped, beaten, saved people and been a nice mix that skirts the line of evil and good guy. As a leader I do my best to try to encourage people to do what they are happy doing, and help where I can. I don't think the depd needs restructured, I just think it needs more cops that skirt that line but in a smart way. If I were to be selected as Captain I'd try to build on the rp that is already there. With the dedicated players that have worked their asses off and still do, to bring our sim some damn good rp. A healthy mix of good and bad, to do this I plan to be a mentor in a good and bad way. I don’t want a completely corrupt DEPD that’s when things get one note. The first couple weeks it might be quiet just to learn the role, as I’ve only played the cop role on one alt before.. In her time as a cop she managed to accidently tase a fellow offer and arrested ten people in one night.. It was a good day for her! So even though I’ve not been in the role in a long while I think with Brae’s experience as a lawyer and his OUTSTANDING personality it would make him a good captain.. He knows probably all the criminals in deadend. He’s also a good guy or can be, yet an asshole. So my idea is not to change how the DEPD is ran or but to try and help people either be good cops, bad cops, or a mixture of the two!

UNIQUE: As I've already stated I do not think the DEPD needs restructured but to make it stand out and to bring in more rp.. Maybe instead of officers being on patrol when there are people in the cells. Keep one to two there to rp with the people in jail. Sometimes that is where the rp is lacking is in the actual station itself. That's just a thought though, I'm mulling over a few ideas.. Though I do give good spankings, i could bend a few people over the desk and just go to town!

EXPERIENCE:I've been a lawyer in deadend for over two years I think o.O it's been a while! Plus I'm awesome dude! *offer people a piece of his humble pie!* No really, I've rped with the cops. I've fought them and been on their side. I've done the law rp for quite a while and want to continue to do it, I really do think I can bring a flare to the department that hasn't been there in my own unique way!

IDEAS:I think new players should get a mentor, and after a brief test on how they would handle certain situations. Said test will determine whether they are paired with a good guy or a bad guy or if they are unsure they can be with someone who can sway either way.

OTHER:I think a good old fashioned Policemans ball, where we auction off some of the higher ranking and more popular Detectives or officers to the public for a date to help raise money for the police department!

September 10, 2015 at 8:42 pm
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Rhyssa Prather


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September 11, 2015 at 2:01 am
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September 11, 2015 at 11:12 am
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