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B&D Productions
By bedlamb dionysus

TYPE: Entertainment studio

SLURL: Studio: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dead%20Fall/127/141/41 and an in town office if warented and space avalable.

BACKGROUND: This is a bit of group necromancy here really. Not sure if anyone out there remembers, ok I know some do, I used to run a porn studio by the same name. This rebirth is not going to be a pure porn studio, there will be some but that will be far from the sole focus on the RP of the studio.
A little history before I go into what this rendition of the studio will be.
Originally, this is like ancient history before Nadir took over the sim, preflood if you will. BDP was mostly a porn store really. Had a small studio in the back, did some small shoots and what not but nothing too big. Back then the focus was more on the slave breaking and training that happened in the basement really. About the time of the sim moving to the current location and Nadir taking over I took a break from SL and the studio fell off the map.
I eventually came back to SL and DE. It was some time before I put in to run the studio again. Still running the porn store aspect, this was before Spunk, along side the film aspect. Over time the films stuff took more and more of a focus in the RP. Eventually dropping the porn store part of things when Spunk opened. Even had a tattoo parlor in there early on. Though I think I seeded that part of the business over to Kyo about the time Dead Fall opened. Kyo can correct me if I'm wrong. So we moved into a big ass studio out in Dead fall, across from where the court house is now. It stayed there for a while before Dion burnt the place down. After the fire he sold what was left off to Fae, who was doing her own studio at the time.
So recently Dion has been hunting down everyone that had received what was left of the BDP from Fae's estate. Through hard dealing and, well flat out threats and abuse got them to sign over the rights. Well save for one share holder. Now with controlling shares, and some extra from what was left of NO Escape, Fae's old studio, he plans to relaunch his old love one more time.

In this current rendition of the business I'll try not to focus on porn like I have in the past. I'll break the ventures of the studio down into two sections. The legal and public, and the illegal and shadow operations.
Publicly there will be four venture to speak of. To get that porno like fix on well be doing bondage shoots with filling subjects. Well not just bondage lets call it fetish of any sort. We'll try not to tread on other active studios and stick to the dark stuff, legal, but dark.
Moving more to a 'proper' film studio I would like to do shoots for feature films. For these I'm thinking X or NC-17 rated horror films. Yeah there will be sex, but will be more focused on plot and effects then most porn.
As almost a counter balanced to all of that we'll be doing some pin up style still shoots. Aimed for calendar or magazine printing. Looking to do some classic 40's 50's Betty Page like pin up shoots. Nudity not even needed or required for these.
Not trying for a full 180 here but it may feel like it some, but it builds with some of the illegal activities I want to shoot for. This last aspect will be a UFC style fight circuit. Lots of promoting and RP before the fights. May do fight to fuck events but they wouldn't be the core of this enterprise.

On the underground illegal side of things. For the most part these things will be the above gone very dark. Rape and snuff porn, cause its hard to get darker then that ehh? This can be with alts or people that are looking for an end for a char.
If I can would as with everything I do try and do slave trade activities. Kinda has been a staple of the char really. Last playing off what seamed like the 180 turn there. Strait up pit fights. No rules no bell... no quarter. Fight goes tell KO or submission, victor and crowd decide the losers fate. Think modern day gladiatorial fights.

Most of this will come to the sim though events, with the intent to produce graphic novel like content. Or in the case of the pin ups calendars and the like.
So film shoots, especially the feature films, will be loosely plotted out with extras and what not. Probably doing lots of street shoots and the like.
Pin up calendars and mags, as well as a flicker feed of the many stills I hope to be producing.
The pit fights, and slave auctions will be a feature of a regularly held event. I'm thinking of holding a roaming underground club/rave event. Basically during them think lots rave like elements, some slaves of to the side to be auctioned off. and a big fight circle where you pay to get in, and take on a portion of the losers entrance fee when you beat them. Once in you can stay tell you loose. If you take out a champ you get what they had earned while in the ring. Selling rights to other factions to sell their whores, drugs, and booze. Definitely aiming for long events for these. Location for these will move around giving that underground rave aesthetic..
The more legal fight I would like to have them 'broad-casted on local TV' Via Forum threads and a web site I'll be setting up if this is approved.

I know this sounds like a lot. I don't plan to do all of this at the same time. Will likely cycle through different focus points. Until I can get staff that can handle more and more of the load. As for all the different ventures. I have this mentality about these things. I try lots of different things. What gets traction in the community I will follow though on, what doesn't, I can let go and fade away


EXPERIENCE:De is my home I want to try and contribute in any and every way I can.



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