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So planning an event over the weekend of the 21st. Looking at it I decided I should do a little thing here to help explain what's going on with it.

One of the goals for this event is to gather staffing from the business, as well as fill a cast for a IC film. I'll explain more about what I have planned on that front later on in this post.

The IC objective is fairly straightforward, find actors to fill roles in the production, working title 'Camp Pain'. Looking to fill two basic positions in the film. The film basily is a porn, one that is playing at being a regular feature film. It will be a horror/psychological thriller the full production of it will have moments of vanilla sex, bondage, and in film rape.

First is a couple. as an effort to get more staff on hand I'm asking that you at least work out on an OOC level that you and someone else will try out together. ICly following a script, while OOcly just setting a rough scene and letting the pair play it out. Could be a sex scene or not up to those auditioning.

The other role in the film will be that of a camp torture. This scene will be very sexual. We will try to provide a bottom for the scene the best we can. Though walk ins will be welcome to fill that slot.

ICly there will be NPC's present, working the camera, lights and sound. Though if you think you may be interested in portraying a member of the film crew please contact me and we can get you in there with an off camera hire if need be.

During the shoot, I would like to have myself or studio staff taking pictures that will then be posted to the DE flicker feed. This contributes to the final goal with the 'film'. Once I get the film cast I would like to take the various photos from the shoots, yep want ta do some high quality scene pics, and compile them into a graphic novel of sorts.

This film will be a test/dry run for the whole production of the graphics. Which is something I would like to do more of for BDP.

If you would be interested in participating on any level please drop me a line.

For three nights B&D Productions will be holding a casting call for it’s next feature presentation. We are looking to fill up to eight positions for this film.

Casting will be for up to three couples, (We prefer if you audition in pairs, to ensure proper chemistry on screen), and for up to two torturers.

This movie will require the actors to engage in sexual acts on screen, including heavy bongage.

Casting will take place at the BDP studio in DeadFall ((Ennom, Dead Fall (127, 141, 40) )) Between 3 and 7pm SLT on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Additional times may be added latter to this space.

Though not directly related to this event I will be looking for people to play one shot chars to participate in bondage snuff shorts, that may have a connection or not to the Adherents.

August 5, 2015 at 1:44 pm
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