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Since I only had one meeting, here is the transcript from that meeting. It is also available as a NC on the DEMH and DEA group tags. Cheers!


[14:09] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): ok, not keeping you all too long. Trying to keep y'all informed on plot lines and things discussed involving the hospital.
[14:09] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): nice 83 here
[14:09] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): Stop me if I go to quick
[14:09] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): ok
[14:09] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): We’re holding these staff meetings to promote communication. As a quick reminder, we will post meeting minutes on the DEMH sub forum which you can get access to by signing in to your DE forum account and navigating to . If you don’t have a forum account, you can get one by clicking the board in the DE landing area.
[14:10] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): I’ll be opening up the floor and turning this into a discussion shortly, but first I’d like to get to a few announcements.
[14:10] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): Huggies!
[14:10] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): smiles.
[14:10] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): Princess's note coming up....copy and pasted.
[14:10] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): I’m a cheerleader! Cheerleaders always cheer for The Team! Many of you have gotten a talk about “team work” from Princess that amounted to sexual harassment. She refers to the people she can harass as being “on the team”. The Team is now becoming an IC social club in Dead End. The group serves as a psuedo-secret way of knowing who is down to fuck and the group chat will be RP’ed as a “dating app” which allows for anonymous hookups. Stay tuned to group notices and forum posts for more info. P.S. I totally pre-planned this and giggle way too much doing it.
[14:11] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): Princess will be back in mid-August. She just needed time to get RL squared away. Leigh will be returning back to RL work, as summer is ending, so her RP times will go back to M-F approx 5-10 PM SLT, though times adjusted for RL work reasons and sporadic times on weekends.
[14:11] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): I personally do not know Derek's availability due to RL issues, so when he is on, he is on for the moment.
[14:12] Lyssandra Ritter (lyssandra69) is online.
[14:12] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): The hospital has a radio call-sign! It’s H-377. If you are not a member of the DE Emergency Services group where PD, FD, and hospital have radio chatter, contact Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli) or, better, leave her a notecard with your SL name in the mailbox requesting an invitation. Again, we ALL use the call-sign H-377. Example, “We hear you loud and clear. H-377 ER standing by to receive your patient.” Since the use of the H-377 call sign is new, we recommend making reference to the hospital or ER in your post to the emergency services group chat.
[14:13] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): A SIM plot establishing DE’s history is continuing and the next chapter will focus on the hospital. It all starts with the notorious Face Lady escaping custody. Though it wasn’t the hospital’s fault (it happened during the shutdown of the purge) we can all have fun spreading fear! Feel free to make up rumors about Face Lady! Tell people a friend had his testicles boiled. Or that your co-worker on another shift had her finger tips bitten off. Make up whatever rumor you like and sow fear throughout the city!
[14:13] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): I am not sure how far Princess was in the above plot. I think she has a part or two to finish up, but we will see mid-August.
[14:14] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): totally taking mela to Leigh's basement.
[14:15] Melangell Lambert-Bellic Derek is usually on more night times I find. and no basements.
[14:15] Yuriko Ren-Nakayama (uriko.zenovka): I have seen him on more lately, so maybe the issues have been resolving.
[14:16] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): That is good, I do wish the best for him.
[14:16] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): Axe Pharmaceuticals is still in play even though there is no more building. They are putting forth experimental drugs. If you’d like to play this or be involved, contact Kara Dumitru (eldine).
[14:17] Yuriko Ren-Nakayama (uriko.zenovka): I have a few ideas for that as well, actually.
[14:17] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): Kara I know put an ad in the paper. We try to help as much as we can, but I love cross collaboration with other entities on sim.
[14:17] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): I also saw your ideas and will give you a chance to talk about those too.
[14:17] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): Medical marijuana is now a thing! Information on how to prescribe medical pot can be found in the DE basic medical guide contained in the February orientation notecards.
[14:18] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): And I think it is more like a June card....sorry, didn't update the script, but there is a brand new card in the mailbox in the lobby that Princess did not too long ago.
[14:19] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): and lastly, Mela has a proposal that I incorporated into the meeting, but Yuriko is here, so I'll let Mela go first and then Yuriko can go next.
[14:20] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): There is a possible hospital plot coming along with the assistance of the cult. We may be involved with harvesting and performing organ transplants. The harvesting would likely take place off campus with the transplant taking place either in DEMH or a place to be named later. Your character can be involved as much as they would like from having no knowledge and just helping patients recover to knowing more than you’d like as well as possibly being coerced somehow by the cult. Details are to be worked out. There will be a notice when details are more firmed up. Let Leigh, Derek, or Mela know if you have any other questions.
[14:20] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): If you have anything to add, Mela, go for it, the floor is yours.
[14:21] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): i helped 😀
[14:22] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): Dru too then.... ;P
[14:23] Melangell Lambert-Bellic there will be more than organs too, can be blood, one marrow, anyone that had a baby in the hospital can take the cord blood with stem cells, tons of things other than organs possible. mela with the help of dru and derek can get the various things inside the building. Mela will also have an offsite surgery room/organ supply room that keeps them fresh till needs ot be moved. have osmeone needing surgery even steal a kidney or soemthing else while in surgery for something completly different. and yes dru helped with this too.
[14:23] Melangell Lambert-Bellic bone marrow(
[14:24] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): my latest idea is for flame co to invent a drug called dryzyte and have axe pharmauctial market it as an anesthetic
[14:24] Simon Berne (jdunk84) is offline.
[14:24] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): for surgery and such
[14:25] Melangell Lambert-Bellic also if someone doesnt want to have surgery in hopsital as no insurance send them to melas surgery room
[14:25] Lyssandra Ritter (lyssandra69) is offline.
[14:25] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): as always, participation with other entities is completely optional, but I love these things as it gets us out of the old rut of ER medicine.
[14:25] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): Syrena does intense hardcore surgery so might be as long as she doesnt know where they come from she might be your go to girl in doing the surgeries. Kara and I are working on a Birth control drug Biogem365. Its already been given out.
[14:26] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): we will flesh it out as we get going, but I love what this can do to dirty up the sim in different ways.
[14:26] Melangell Lambert-Bellic mela ahs Magnum ad Mandy at her disposal too.
[14:26] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): is Mag back? New comp?
[14:26] Melangell Lambert-Bellic yes
[14:26] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): \\o/
[14:26] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): flesh it out :/
[14:26] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): lol
[14:27] Melangell Lambert-Bellic many things can be possible with an off site organ and surgery center
[14:27] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): new expression in business
[14:27] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): anything else on this? and *headdesks on the unintended pun*
[14:27] Simon Berne (jdunk84) is online.
[14:27] Yuriko Ren-Nakayama (uriko.zenovka): A few in my faction have manufactured a new street drug which hasn't been released yet.
[14:27] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): we could always steal plasma from people at blood drives
[14:27] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): y'alls making Leigh look squeaky clean!
[14:28] Yuriko Ren-Nakayama (uriko.zenovka): It's a psychedelic sedative
[14:28] Melangell Lambert-Bellic oh yea if smoen needs a transplant too and no money orinsurance then Flamco will pay and they will need to sign contract to be paid in some form later
[14:28] Lucas Bayne (demortiques) is online.
[14:29] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): with the odd drugs, run some by Kara to get her involved with Axe and then the DEMH can 'acquire' them. make a NC so that all who take the drug know what the possible effects are so they can RP accordingly.
[14:29] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): Sy is also investigating an old Russian company that might have been involved in experiments in the 1940-50's... so it could tie in dont know how yet. but Sy will do surgery cause, she is good at it. If forms are signed the work gets done.
[14:29] Melangell Lambert-Bellic hint.....blackmail, cneaking off for sexual favors...films.. etc
[14:29] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): miss moneybags would like to host a city wide gala
[14:29] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): yesss nods at Mela
[14:29] Yuriko Ren-Nakayama (uriko.zenovka): Most of the Royals will probably be hireable for repo duties.
[14:30] Melangell Lambert-Bellic i want to make DE's version of GeneCo 😛
[14:30] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): Mela has really thought tie-ins with DEMH and the ideas and Leigh is there to fill whatever role is needed as long as she can still medic, LOL.
[14:30] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): yea but without the repo murder, more like torture and enslavement
[14:31] Yuriko Ren-Nakayama (uriko.zenovka): That's up the alley of at least 2 factions here.
[14:31] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): anything else Yuriko?
[14:32] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): continuing if nothing else.....
[14:32] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): same here i dont even do many sex or crazy scenes, i explained in the OOC, i was done with not respecting limits and its just put a bad taste in my mouth so im sorrry. long as its straight hospital rp and or combat im ok. BioGem365 is a birth control i made in 2010. It was already submitted to Kara.
[14:32] Yuriko Ren-Nakayama (uriko.zenovka): As far as drugs, my faction is looking into being the main supplier of like the MC with their experimental and exotic drugs that wouldn't be traceable back to Axe
[14:33] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): cool
[14:33] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): and as always, Sy, you can opt in or out as you need to.
[14:33] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): Sorry that has happened.
[14:33] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): its fine, its a trust thing so..
[14:34] Xelan Yheng-Morgath (xelan.morgath) is online.
[14:34] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): If you have any ideas you’d like to implement we very much want to make it happen. Events, stories, or even OOC things are all fair game. Don’t be shy to contact any of the leads.
[14:34] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): but Mela will be happy to know surgeries will be perfected!
[14:34] Yuriko Ren-Nakayama (uriko.zenovka) nods
[14:34] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): All done with announcements. To keep this readable, please emote tweaking someone’s nipple and we’ll get to everyone in the order the nipples were tweaked. So if you want the floor, type /me tweaks person’s left nipple. Or something similar.
[14:34] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): princess's note, not mine.
[14:35] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall) covers her nipples
[14:35] Lytril 'Rose' Scribe (iyziebel)'s leak, may not be a good idea to tweak hers.
[14:36] Yuriko Ren-Nakayama (uriko.zenovka): hah
[14:36] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): As I said, I have loved most of the RP I have had this summer while off. Heading off to work in two weeks, so my hours will be drastically cut down. Thanks for making my summer fun!
[14:36] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): Welcome Yuriko to the sim and the DEMH/A
[14:37] Yuriko Ren-Nakayama (uriko.zenovka) waves
[14:37] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): 🙂
[14:37] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): Rose is a Department Head, so she can authorize a lot of things if there are any questions sim-wise.
[14:37] Lytril 'Rose' Scribe (iyziebel) waves and welcomes!
[14:37] Lytril 'Rose' Scribe (iyziebel) nods. My hours should be picking up here soon now that summer is winding down.
[14:37] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): and im just crazy hehe
[14:38] Cleo Mavendorf is online.
[14:38] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): anything for the common good?
[14:38] Melangell Lambert-Bellic if you need me im usually only around for rp 9 pm slt or later
[14:38] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): good cause im like kinda tired of being on all nighter shifts i actually changed for the first time last night.LMAO
[14:38] Yuriko Ren-Nakayama (uriko.zenovka): My hours fluxuat and will be the same as Leigh, i will be losing about 4 days a week soon... My IC basically moonlights in the asylum as a doctor. She does the late shift so few if any know she works there, so she can kind of do her own thing with the resources it grants.
[14:38] Lytril 'Rose' Scribe (iyziebel) is here pretty much all the time even if I am not on sim, though I may be afk as I have a toddler to chase around.
[14:38] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): i want to be head of obstectrics
[14:38] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): i have medical checkups 1 time a month. and every 3 months. fibromyalgia...
[14:39] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): I'm more SVU- Benson in my line of work and dentistry, surgery
[14:39] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): im going on holiday soon
[14:39] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): for a week
[14:39] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): goes with miho
[14:39] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): We are looking to crown a couple more "Department Heads" soon. With that comes the ability to IC specialize in something on the roster and act in the case of a lead not being on sim.
[14:39] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): denied
[14:39] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): stuffs herself into luggage
[14:40] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): nods
[14:40] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): Princess, I, and Derek will talk with those individuals as she returns.
[14:40] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): I have a credit card 😀
[14:40] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): no vacation. everything is making everyone sick
[14:40] Yuriko Ren-Nakayama (uriko.zenovka): Mine would be criminal psyche, as a specialty, in particular...because of the irony.
[14:40] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): im not leaving the UK its fine, and alices specialty is ermmmm
[14:40] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): rabbits annnnd
[14:40] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): going crazy?
[14:40] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): Sy and Miho should talk...
[14:40] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): You are our ME as well, correct?
[14:41] Melangell Lambert-Bellic steals alices bodies in the morge while shes on vacation.
[14:41] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): medical examiner and holder of the god of rabbits
[14:41] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): and dont you dare
[14:41] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): I can do CSI... if nobody is on
[14:41] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): thats where the heroin is
[14:41] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): speaking of specialties remind to to catch ming one of theses days i need her skillz
[14:41] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): CSI things are likely closer to the PD.
[14:41] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): examining bodies is medical tho
[14:41] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): talk with Tarra, kind of a cross collaboration like I do with DEFD as a backup EMT.
[14:42] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): i thought an ME worked with the police
[14:42] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): true
[14:42] Melangell Lambert-Bellic I love the CSI stuff but yea thats more DEPD , unless your like alice and medical examiner that thingks get brought to
[14:42] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): yes that too
[14:42] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): findings
[14:42] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): the morgue is in the hospital though
[14:42] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): exactly
[14:42] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): yea
[14:42] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): besides noone is having my corpses
[14:42] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): i need them
[14:42] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): dammit i wanted one.
[14:43] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): we need them for dryzate
[14:43] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): i stuffed all the rabbits away....
[14:43] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): Sy has wanted to do the CSI thing. What I'd say Sy, is go apply to DEPD and let Tarra know what you'd like to do, but from my end, that would be cool.
[14:43] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): hahah oh god jeez...
[14:43] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): Alice they eat tyour rabbits at the redd herring
[14:43] Yuriko Ren-Nakayama (uriko.zenovka): I did have a storyline I kind of want to run with the asylum at some point the future, and I MIGHT be able to bridge it with Princesses Face Lady archs
[14:43] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): me and tarra? LOL
[14:43] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf) hisses as she hugs her dead bodies
[14:43] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): i heard rrabbit stew was the special
[14:44] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): you cooked a rabbit??? Dru how could you. slaps her
[14:44] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): not me, hey i live in mississippi it's socially acceptable to eat pig instesines
[14:44] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): i worked on the face lady but it fizzled a bit
[14:44] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): like the plot
[14:45] Yuriko Ren-Nakayama (uriko.zenovka): Dru: hi from TN
[14:45] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): Sy saw her first or second with a witness
[14:45] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): put it on a NC Yuriko. Princess is a story weaver as well, so she would be great to put that too.
[14:45] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): was a killing too
[14:45] Yuriko Ren-Nakayama (uriko.zenovka) nods "I ahace actually met the Face Lady IC, and am kind of roped into her story a little, so i think it will work.
[14:45] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): mm im still catching up with rp storylines
[14:45] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): Thanks you all guys. I appreciate the turn out and sorry for flaking earlier today.
[14:45] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): what if Alice and Face lady had some sort of connection?
[14:45] Yuriko Ren-Nakayama (uriko.zenovka): it happens
[14:46] Melangell Lambert-Bellic im trying to make one as none going on for me atm .
[14:46] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): is be scared
[14:46] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): id*
[14:46] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): and its ok leigh
[14:47] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): I missed your last comment Mela. Just didn't understand
[14:47] Yuriko Ren-Nakayama (uriko.zenovka): Mel: if you want a story arch, IM me
[14:47] Yuriko Ren-Nakayama (uriko.zenovka): and we can work on something
[14:47] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): ive sort of got one going on with alice
[14:47] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): ic leigh isnt happy about part of it
[14:48] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): hee hee, but OOC I love it!
[14:48] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): woottttttt
[14:48] Melangell Lambert-Bellic mela has had a story line for 6 months or more now shes hit a dead end.
[14:48] Melangell Lambert-Bellic hasnt
[14:48] Alice Thorne (miho.oakleaf): i demand the wonderland suite
[14:48] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): I hope the new thing gives you an outlet.
[14:48] Yuriko Ren-Nakayama (uriko.zenovka): hah..dead end..
[14:49] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): I totally will help you out as much as I can, but getting up for work at 5 am SLT makes it tough to assist during the week, but weekends, totally on board.

August 5, 2016 at 12:19 pm
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