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    Hours later Bambi stood behind the bar, after nailing her interview with the boss man, her first shift, when a gentleman walks in, seeking shelter from the cold, hot or cold beverage she said to the new customer, he looked at her and smiled gently before he slipped into a stool at the bar, a whiskey no ice he replied. She set out the glass and unscrewed the whiskey bottle and poured it into the glass, setting down the bottle on the bar, she slides the glass over to the gentleman, hope this warms you she smiled, Bambi says that would be 3 quid, passing over a 10 he asked for another and keep the change, they made general conversation, drunk his beverage and ordered another, the low music played smoothly in the background. She thought to herself I hope he tells me his name as sir, sounds silly, but she was raised to have manners, my name is jack he said. Bambi out stretches her hand hi jack nice to meet you I am Bambi, they shook hands, and she went back to cleaning and tinkering behind the bar, when the distant sound of footsteps took, her attention away from cleaning, looking up to the door stood a well dressed woman, hi welcome to Lulu’s Bar and Grill how can I help you, the woman stepped in and took the seat by jack, the three chatted with each other, they all exchange names. Jack offered to by Jens drink, she wanted a grey goose, vodka soda and lime. Jack soon took his leave, wishing the girls a safe journey home, as the weather worsened, leaving jen and Bambi behind, the lights flickered, Bambi says I think it time to close up and try and get home in the snow, jen looks to the door yes true she says, how much do I owe you she said, well drinks are cheap tonight Bambi spoke tapping it in to the till 4 quid, she slid over a chrisp 20 and told her to keep the change, as she cleaned up, clocking out she headed to the door, locking it behind her the girls said farewells, and walked in different directions, rubbing her arms for warmth bambi wished to be home in bed, but this wasn’t the case as she noticed no busses where running due to the snow. She took the corner and slowly made her way home… Scene fades..

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