Fruity Loopy Event!!

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Mon, Feb 29 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Hey Deadenders!

Something tells me you all could use a break from the dark dismal black hole that became your life in this rat infested city and make a night for yourself to act like a little fruity loopy. Because of that I, Sharebear, will be throwing a monthly event that gives you the opportunity to just let the fuck loose and show your kinky side through whatever wacky colorful and bright obnoxious shit you have sitting in your closet! Pull out all the stops this Monday, and every last Monday of the month at 6pm (slt), and please feel free to accentuate the kink while enjoying free Skyy, Three Olives, and Absolut drinks at Sugar Rush- courtesy of Share’s deep pockets.

“But Sharebear…” you say, “You’re the owner of a goddamned candy store… what about the candy??” Well my delectable Deadhead’s, you are right! Courtesy of me and my rich daddy, Sugar Rush will not only be offering half off discounts on all the glorious candy, I’ll be putting together some VERY special goodie bags for all the fruity loopys who come dressed like a bag of skittles… well, not literally skittles.. You know what I mean! Just fucking come, have some damn fun, and get loopy!

See ya there!!