Cinema Square Presents “Payment of Pain”

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Wed, Nov 26 - Thu, Dec 04 @ 12:00 am


This is a Sim Plot – The Theater will be showing Mockingjay Part 1 this Holiday, However before the Movie begins, right after the coming attractions there will be a special short film shown.  Anyone that cares to assist with this Role Play would be seeing the following when they go to the show.

Payment of Pain

*A black screen flickers on and then a small message of white plain letters reading as so*

A special video will be seen today over the regular advertisements before your regularly scheduled feature presentation.

*The black screen flickers to another set of plain white lettering for the next sentence after 30 seconds*

This is to show how one particular person is a debtor who refuses to pay his owed debts. In return for his refusement to pay this is what he got instead.

*The black screen flickers to another set of plain white lettering for the next sentence after 30 seconds*

Beware to whoever is owed any money from this man. He will most likely not pay you.

*The black screen flickers next to a blond tied up man on his back, inside a dark metal cage. Pink and white plaid pillows and blanket seen partially under him. The blond man is Asian in appearance, blindfolded, gagged, multiple piercings and many tattoos seen. He is also fully nude outside of boots on his feet, zip ties holding his arms back and keeping his feet together. Day on the video down in the corner seen as 03/11/2014*

*Moans muffled under the cloth gag and the blond man squirming, cheeks partly reddened. The moans growing a little louder as time went on and cheeks reddening further. Moans of pain or pleasure? Who can tell, all you can see is his upper body laid out to see and nothing that might be pointing to what was going on. *

*Next you see an arm clad in black leather jacket, black leather glove on hand with a 5 inch long knife. Dark brown worn handle, small scratches seen on the blade when the light flickers off of the metal. The blond man now squirming more and louder moans heard from his gagged mouth. The blade coming down on the skin and letters seen now being cut lightly into the skin. D, then an E, B, T, O, lastly an R. Spelling out the word Debtor across chest between his shoulders. The blood slowly welling up and dripping down his skin as he lays there. *

*Flicker of the screen again and now you see said man on his chest, the word carved into him now dried and scabbed over harder to see. Still blindfolded, gagged, zip tied as before, still naked. Part of some tanned legs now seen as someone was off to the side mostly hidden. A ungloved hand seen now partly, only fingers really as said hand holds a black leather flogger. Muffled cries out once more from the blond, his face, back, and upper legs all seen right now. Definitely more cries of pain this time around as compared to before. Flogger coming down on his lower back, ass, and upper back thighs. Red welts coming up with each hard hit down on his skin. Day on the video down in the corner seen as 04/11/2014 *

* Next you see the squirming tattooed and pierced blond man fade out and back to the black screen. White plain words now appearing in on the screen. They read..*

This is what happens to debtors, those how refuse to pay that they owe. He learned the hard way, will he learn to pay his debts now or will he need another lesson?

*The letters fading out to show more in large bold white text*


*The screen fades out completely now and would go on to the featured film of the night.*