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Dear Deviants and Lurkers,

(all innocents and citizens please put your fingers in your ears 😉 )

I have two questions,
first: what gangs and similar groups do we have in DE?
- The static bandits
- the Rabbits (still active?)
- the Syndicate
- in some way I would also count in the adherents of Belial
- also in some way Lyss (from her weird perspective) would count in the DEPD
= are there more I am not aware of???

Rabbits and Bandits are both rather chaotic gangs, fulfilling their desires and forging the city to be their place. The difference mainly coming from their charismatic and original leaders (/me bows to Bean and Bob).

Now after the Bergans and Yhengs use club Marcello as some kind of base and business facade on our roleplay on the Black Lotus some of us have brought up the idea of running the BL not again as business as did before but as a faction (not now, no hurries) and I would like to open the conversation of how such a new faction could add and benefit most for the RP.

We want the BL: strongly organized, a clear structure, little elitist, a facade of gentleman manners, no drug trade - drugs only used to control the girls, main business aspect slaves/whores. no weed smoking fuckingfuckyamutherfucker-punks, no chaotic elements like Bob adds to the bandits, all a little more sophisticated (at least on the first view).
New players should get an easy access to roleplay, be it as enforcing part of the BL or as innocent flesh for the BL, further since the club Marcello offers a variety of jobs and is the facade of our BL activity that is also a great vehicle to help newbies into RP, so nobody has to complain on that cliquishness again 😉
Also as in the BL we ´tutor´ and ´educate´ our girls ICly we can also help newbies on their RP on things like emoting, postorder, the typical things we all had to learn once...

Now, what do you think, what should be added, what should be skipped, what should be altered to make a Black Lotus faction a valuable addition to Dead End?

Cheers, Lyss

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