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Two topics dear friends, first is

Ritter loans:

we now lend money to people, either private people or inmates (those contact Tarra Thornton please) to pay off bills or bail. So anyone can come and lend money, those who don´t pay it back of course should expect a visit by some Mambas.

OOC we see it as an easy way for subbies to get in RP. Any innocent parking her ass at the Cinema square and not finding a lurker grabbing her – come to us, lend some money, don´t pay it back and we talk about what RP you desire. Be it a roughing up by some thugs or being forced to work the debt off in one of the seedy Mamba businesses, even be new porn star in a Lair production, the options are endless if you seek erotic or dark RP – we can help. 😉
Please contact Rhoslyn (LLOER IRELUND) or me inworld.

Opus Inferi

Xelan and I were in IMs and she was not happy simply bringing Xelly back from the dead. She had awesome RP with Mag and was in hiding while officially announced dead – but knew that Mag could not take the payback to make the story a round one. So we offered help.

Rhoslyn and Xelan had an old debt (well many) and met in the old fuel station to duel naked only armed with the steel claws Rho loves so much. Both battled bloody and hard and did not realize the danger as they were above the maze of a lunatic.

Sir Reginald Pinkerton is a member of Opus inferi, a loose group of rich and bored men who are inspired by Opus – Magnum Vectoscope, and try to impress him by creative and painful murder – placing bets and comparison on the internet.
This is not about swinging the axe but macabre art, inspired by old Hammer Production movies.

So Sir Reginald Pinkerton alias Opus Phibes (in honor to the movies with V.Price) released Xelan and Rhoslyn in his maze, a deadly path full of traps, fire and spikes. Most traps were constructed so both had to cooperate to survive – but that took time as Xelan first pushed Rho in the barbed wire to get over it herself 😉 but step by step both saw they had to lay their feud aside for one hour or both would die…

In the end our dark heroines had burns and endless cuts and were almost on their knees but finally killed Opus Phibes who with his last breath called his creepy internet friends to DE to show better art then he did. So another member of Opus inferi might come to DE and draw a painting in red.

OOC the RP was enough fun to open it to the public (also talking with Mag), so any of you who is in the mood to make an alt as creative sociopath join in on your own or get in touch with Xelan, Rhoslyn or me for a story.
The alt should be usually killable as it offers a more satisfying outcome for the victim and closes the story. If people have fun with it we can perhaps close it as a bigger story for the SIM.

Questions and discussion here please 😉

March 6, 2016 at 10:23 pm
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