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(((In a reverse Anonymous-style attack, social media, TV stations, the DE Daily were all sent this message complete with pictures.)))

A Captain Disgraced, A Department in Ruin

Dead Enders, for far too long, rapists, murderers, and predators have been allowed to run free for far too long. The DEPD chooses to go family, the only people who have shown any kindness, respect, or care for how this city is run. The Pawns’ Queen has been in jail and the DEPD and DA’s office have been all too content to sit on their collective asses while more citizens, the people I care about go free. I decided to show a member of the DEPD what happens when you let the true scum of the city roam free.

Captain Shade Jameston, you cannot protect your house obviously, so consider yourself lucky that I didn’t find you. I took the weaker one of your administrative ranks, and I must say, it was mostly without incident. She practically walked into her living hell. Over the next four days, Captain Tarra Thorton learned what inaction on behalf of the people looks, feels, and sounds like.

She was shown not to be a protector of this town, but as weak-willed, zero resolve, and ineffective as the rest of your department. How about you work on keeping your officers safe. I hear the Red Herring as great coffee, and if you asked, I’m sure they could round up some donuts. Assuming you care to attempt to do your job for a change, get raping, murdering, molesting slime off of the street! You will not hear from me again unless I deem that my form of action is needed once again. I have proven my point.

Captain “Cocksucker” Tarra Thorton- Stop attacking families who care about this town. The Pawns are the real saviors of this city, the ones who may lead it from the abyss! When you return to work, do your damn job!

Captain “Lucky Two-Boots” Shade Jameston- I know that the administrative level of any organization can be a cushy job. Instead of having Capt. Thorton get your daily coffee fix, how about you get out and pound the pavement? No one has seen you ever. I thought you actually resigned, were fired, or died! Due to your absence, the city I love is decaying rapidly, and your officers and detectives have gotten soft.

I give you time to affect real, lasting change in this city. However, if you are still content with your positions of power, content with rapists walking the streets, murderers free to kill again, I will return and come after those who hold the fabric of this “Good Ole’ Boy” network together. I will be watching and waiting.

Get off of your collective asses, unless you want them to be mine.

Long Live the Pawns

January 14, 2016 at 1:00 am
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