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Hello DE! I just wanted to talk to everyone after reading all of the responses from the survey we sent out. We are going to do our best to try and address these issues, but there is something very important that I wanted to remind all of you.

We, as staff, and especially as Admin/GM, are volunteering to do this out of OUR OWN FREE WILL, on our own time. We do have Real Lives as do the rest of you that we need to tend to. We ALSO want Role Play to be able to be fun for us, and not all work! We have jobs, family, friends, etc. outside of Second Life.

In case you were unaware, Admin should be the very LAST person you try to contact over smaller issues. The staff is broken up into sections for a reason, to keep ourselves from getting burnt out when our attention is being pulled in nine thousand different directions over someone using OOC brackets wrong, or someone posting out of order. You get the idea. Yes, if no one else is on, we will be GLAD to take care of your problems. But please, please... make use of the other staffers too. That's why they are there. We all have our own designated areas of expertise. And i case you don't know how to get proper help:

Check out the help page! It answers questions and tells you who is online.
If nobody is online, or you feel like you are not getting the proper help you would like:

There is our abuse portal! It will send it directly to Admins and I usually try to take care of the issue within 24 hours, even if I'm offline.

And, if nobody is online and you are in a mad panic of what to do, my Skype is [email protected]. I am literally online almost ALL OF THE TIME and specifically reserve my Skype for DE contacts. If need be just send me a message, and I can usually log right on to Second Life. But PLEASE do not abuse this. I usually don't want casual conversation, because I'm offline trying to get work done for a reason. Please don't come running to tell me to get online if it is an issue that can be worked out later. Send us an offline, or a NC. I do need to get RL work done (gasp!) to pay my bills and all. This should be your last resort.

Don't take this as an 'we must never bother the Admins'. I enjoy helping, I really do. But we cannot hold everyone's hands through every little thing. We are a COMMUNITY. Even sometimes non staffers can help. Just ask.

We are trying our hardest, despite what the majority seems to think, to keep a giant sim of thousands of players happy out of nothing but love for our community.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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