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Okay, Big Brothel is coming.
First of all, Rho and I have both a more busy schedule in RL then expected, still we are confident to make it worthy the RP time but our apologies we cannot devote as much time as we hoped. Still other Lair Production folks will help us out so there should be a good coverage.

OOC we set up the house on Thursday, IC start is Friday 11 am SLT.

The house is mirror glass, so all public viewers and the showmistresses can look inside, but the inmates cannot look outside ICly, there is also mirror glass around the balcony.
I guess many know the Jungle camp show, so please expect the show being nasty as that usually means more NPC spectators paying money to see that stuff 😉 It will be nothing really bad but annoying and draining energy.

Also there will only be one bed for 2 inmates, so a little closeness might be unavoidable.
IC there is an “invisible” black room with a toilet and stuff – this is there inmates are in that are not IC, so they have not to be NPCed all the time.

Inmates are:
Externia resident: she will get kidnapped and a threat to her friends to take the money and play along.
Rose Sullivan, most likely for the money
Mela Lambert, perhaps to spread Belials word,
Ming; might have made a deal to advertise Mc Yheng in the show 😉
Baba, might look for some hot chicks to screw,
Vecen, our lawyer
Penni, perhaps to have a private time with Mela,

Sapphireninja1: welcome to DE, you are on the waiting list, if anyone is dragged away by RL or we need a bit more life in the house you are in. Thank you for raising a hand!
Externia also mentioned a friend who is interested, blondie me forgot the name, he is also on my list to fill the house if need be!

Questions and problems please to me or Rho (LLOER IRELUND) via IM.

OOC teaser on season 2:
Rho and I plan to set up a similar show in a prison, we kidnap cops as inmates and hire known thugs as jailors 😉
If you remember “the Experiment” by Oliver Hirschbiegel you get the idea.

February 16, 2016 at 1:21 am
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jaylah sass


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February 17, 2016 at 11:16 pm
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