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<b>Jury Room Bar and Grill</b>
By Shade Manx

TYPE: Bar and Grill Cop Bar

SLURL: Where the Pink arcade is now

BACKGROUND: I know what you're thinking.. WHY!! Another bar in Dead End.. Here's why.. I noticed that the bars in Dead End are usually influenced by a local faction, which by itself is awesome, unless you are playing a public servant. So we end up kind of staying out of public places. Also outside of the PD we dont have a place that is good for the cops to plot plan and scheme. The DA's office is the same story. The FD is the same you're not usually welcome in a place after you just wrote the owner a hundred thousand in Fire Code violations. Medical staff may or may not want a nice place out of the way where they can talk about the double penis enlargement surgery they did last week. There will also be a "backroom" of sorts where the PD can put someone that might not have gotten a warrant on them yet can be kept away from harm's way for a sit down and chat ((Read that how you want..But it means kick their butts)) The tone of the bar will be the same atmosphere as one would expect a bar ran by Shade to have. Simple earthy and not designed for a lot of high end bullcrap.. The menu will also be simple fair burgers and beer.. Pagan will be helping me with this as JR.. And it will mean the end of the arcade.. Which makes IC sense since the building has been all but destroyed and Bean no longer being the head of the Rabbits wont need to house a front any more.. The newer more corrupt face of the DEPD needs something like this to help plan the off the books projects, and give a safer and more ideal location for chats with the dear citizens of DE... The last point I want to make with this.. Is also it can give an extra option for things like.. Police Balls.. FD fund raisers.. DEMH fund raisers of all shapes and sizes.. And the location is close to the court house and FD and just a few blocks away from the DEPD itself.. And with a small dinner menu which will be the same as the Arcades so I don't have to buy a new menu board it will give on duty officers the ability to come in for a snack without competing with the Pizza Slut or the Diner already in business. Since they handle bigger meals..


EXPERIENCE:I've been running businesses in Dead End for a very long time... This is just a natural progression to where the story should go with the Arcade being destroyed and the PD needing another avenue for PD Rp



July 14, 2014 at 12:23 pm
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lucas bayne


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July 14, 2014 at 12:35 pm
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