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DATE: 12/28/13

PROPOSAL BY: 8Amadeus8 Resident




BACKGROUND: I would like to operate the business as it appears, a pool hall; however, I think it might also be interesting to have an underground type of unlicensed bail bonds/bounty hunting business come out of it as well. There would be employees who may choose to be ICly naive to the underground business working waitress/bar tending jobs, and then also those who work the underground side of it. Tracking, roughing people up, chasing them down for the money they owe. Amadeus has a rough looking character and is registered as a lurker, with a stalking background. He would work well as a rough pool hall looking character, and also as the bounty hunter.

UNIQUE: It would have a fun/light side as a party area. Offering pool competitions and luring in pool sharks to the city. Also, it would offer almost a new "Gang" type atmosphere. The bounty hunters would be underground, and would not have to conform to the legality of the police department. I believe it would work well with the theme of the community. A place where people can hire someone else to do their dirty work (pissed off rape victims or drug dealers who don't want to go the legal route). The Easy 8 pool hall is perfect for this as it has the basement for the deals, and route out to the sewers where roughing up or spying could easily be accomplished.

EXPERIENCE:I'm not sure if this is an IC or OOC question so I will answer it both ways. Even though he is rough, Amadeus seems to earn respect, even eventually from those he has offended in the past (He is a lurker after all, the offense was ICly). OOCly, I have always had leadership roles throughout my life. I have a teaching degree and currently work for the Federal Government writing policy and procedure and providing training to new employees.

IDEAS:It would both provide a light fun atmosphere as a pool hall and also attract the dark side of new players. It would promote more role play opportunity for the PD as the bondsmen would show up to pay the bonds and may even end up earning the help of a few crooked cops and spark suspicion of the good cops. It would offer more rp for the hospital, as the bounty hunters would often rough people up.

OTHER:Offer $1000 to the winner of a pool competition on the same night as $1 drinks for the up front "Pool Hall" Business. He would also find the dealers/pimps/prostitutes on the street and put out word that if they ever needed a bond, or someone to take care of a sticky situation they didn't want to be involved in, to stop by the pool hall and ask for "Deus".

December 28, 2013 at 6:31 pm
Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)

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