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Vanora Blackheart

IC Name: ℬℯℓℓȿ (OniFace Resident):
OOC ℬℯℓℓȿ (OniFace Resident):


SUMMARY A 911 call came in from a woman stating she needed police at appartment 303 Island Appartments. When the Lieutenant and the FD arrived on the scene they found a woman outside the appartment and the Lt went to secure her first to make sure the woman wasnt the attacker and that the victim was secured.

Once the Lt and NPC Frank and James broke the door open they found a scene out of one of a snuff movie. On the ground was an NPC man carrying no ID with him and holding a piece of wire in his hands while his man hood was cut off. Against the wall was Bells heavily beaten and abused, marks on her neck and holding a bloody knife in her hands. The Lt Demanded that the woman dropped the knife and James disarmed the woman. After Frank went to check the male who was dead from multiple stabwounds.

The woman seemed to have struggled with the man and then murdered him in self defence. Vanora motioned for CSU to close the crime scene and start gathering evidence. The woman was then helped by DEFD firefighter Kendall and taken to the hospital under police guard untill the DA could make his case against her.

On the crimescene was a body found of a male, later traced back to the Maffia in New York. And according to several police files the woman Bells was wanted for the murder of her Fiance's. ((OOC NOTE, Was framed)) The man had a wire in his hands that he used to choke Bells with when he attacked her. Secondly the knife used to defend herself with was recovered and the cut off penis from the man. Blood traces were found and DNA evidence collected. Several crime photos were taken and the man was taken to the morgue.


statement on record


Knife by Bells, Wire by NPC to choke Bells

Knife, Wire, Prints, DNA/Blood

DA notes- no charges set against Bells in this case, self defense in her own home.

January 8, 2015 at 8:28 pm
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