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You know, since I've been back (and when I was here before), I have watched things happen on sim and stayed quiet...mostly for fear of being ostracized. But since I feel, in many ways, that I've already been somewhat ostracized by certain people, I will post this here and if it ends up in me having a "break" or "ban" from sim, so be it.

I am seeing a lot of frustration in world AND in the forums due to the simple fact that leadership does not to be on the "same page" and since they aren't, they avoid making rules to avoid pissing each other off or stepping on each others toes. I am certainly not leader bashing...some of them work very hard on the sim, but they seem to be working individually with no real guidance from anyone above them (at least that's how it APPEARS).

Someone, at some point, needs to put their foot down, come in, take charge and say "this is how it is, love it or leave it"....sure there may be mass exodus at that point...but that is when the sim can be rebuilt the way it is MEANT to be (though no one has any CLUE right now how it's MEANT to be)...if we did, we wouldn't be having this constant confusion or arguments about just that on the forum.

I think a lot of it is if people are bored of playing their role...go do something else. I'm sorry if you get tired of arresting the same people...but at least those people are the people TRYING to play with you...

I found myself trying to take the advice in this forum about looking at more "real" consequences. I thought " if he'd really done this...he'd HAVE to have bail, because he's not going to just be 'released' in three days without it" I took bail, which was fun rp. The bail guy, of course, is holding it over Deus' head (which is also fun rp) he's trying to stay out of as much trouble as possible. But then I get into people ICly chiding me...which is also fun...but also, oocly trying to figure out why Deus isn't going ape shit on them...and I do realize, I've compromised my character. Because normally, in the past, Deus WOULD be going ape shit on them, bail hanging over his head or not...

What I'm trying to say here, is that criminals are never going to be able to have any fun if we cant get some kind of overall general "this is what everyone else should expect the criminal to be able to get away with and not" type of guidance that everyone is aware of. You can't be a criminal that can go out and rape or beat people up two or three times a week without someone crying "they're powergaming because there's no way they'd be out of jail or uninjured by now!" ...and on the flip side of that, if you play out your injuries or jail time, you have people screaming "The criminals aren't raping and beating people up!!"...Honestly...I'm just....tired....and about to say 'fuck it'...despite the fact that I greatly enjoy role playing in DE when people OOCly will let me play...but there's always someone bitching oocly....either in IM or on the forum. And none of it individually is worth a report or anyone being horrible or wrong's just that each of them don't know that we have so many different opinions coming in about what we should be doing that we're left completely freaking confused. Honestly, I think that's why you're seeing the influx of rp'ers going to the PD's the only place where things ARE the most defined on sim "PD is the most badass gang....they're allowed to do this, this, this and can't do this this this or this to them"....and on and one else on sim has that type of guidance, yet we have each individual interpreting what we are supposed to be...and taking it out on us if we aren't THAT thing they have in mind. And it isn't fair, as Maynard stated in a previous get flocked by Mods with their own individual opinions (which hasn't happened to me in a long time, but HAS happened in the past) saying you're doing "this or that" wrong and making up the rules as you go....

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