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    Braeden Daughtery

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    Official Notice of lawsuit

    Name of Plaintiff: Vie BearsFoot


    Name of Defendant: DeadEnd Police department

    Samantha Rose Cooper (rosebliadddrwg
    Alexandria Hallenbook
    Sarah (jadevertilo)

    The plaintiff alleges, that she was brutally attacked by the officers on duty, causing physical and emotional trauma to her person.. After an extensive medical examination it was found that due to the excessive, and wrongful tazering the plaintiff now has a heart arrhythmia, concussion, and extensive emotional distress.. The Plaintiff is seeking medical costs and punitive damages in the amount of $5,000,000.. Also, an official apology from the police captain for the unlawful brutality that was sustained to her..

    Witness List:
    Melangell Dylasari-Bellic
    Vance Clayton
    Witness list
    Doctors report of incident
    Pictures of victims wounds

    • Braeden Daughtery 6 years, 1 month ago

      Evidence added as of last night: Client being tazed and victimized for running from rats.. Video of incident, captain of the police department heads the brutality..

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