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Winter sermon 2014

“There was a time… a simple time when all of mankind rejoiced and embraced their instincts… their urges… their primal nature… this was how our lives was meant to be… until that future was stolen from us…” “Come back with me to that time… a time when we had no… artificial constraints on us… a time when we roamed free and naked to the world, exploring ourselves and each other.  It was the one time where all of mankind was truly happy… at peace… in perpetual bliss.” “ The strong took from all around them as they saw fit… they took what they wanted… what they desired… and the weak… knew their place… and accepted it with joy in their hearts…” “This is how it was meant to be… truly free to be the person our soul where made to be… free liberated… “ “This all changed… as you can surely see…” “One day a serpent entered this garden of pleasures… this magical place..” “ It sought out the weakest amongst them and whispered into their ear.    It told them that they were living  a lie… it told the weak of this new thing… that is called.. sin… over time it explained and taught the weak that what they did  was wrong… that it was evil….. and in time the weakest amongst them believed it…” “This Lie spread.. it infected the garden.. others saw it as a way to control the weak… some fought it… but the weak bent too […]

February 16, 2014 February 16, 2014 AB
Jade Dragon Menu

Not all products avalible every day. Menu is subject to Local Market. all products are made fesh daily from local market Wensday Special All you can eat sushi off a naked woman GENERAL APPETIZERS AND SOUP: Choice of: hot sauce, cocktail sauce or range. AS01 Egg Roll $ 1.25 AS02 Shrimp Roll $ 1.50 AS03 Spring Roll $ 1.40 AS04 Hot & Sour Soup $ 2.20 AS05 Wonton Soup $ 2.20 AS06 Chicken Egg Drop Soup $ 2.00 AS07 Chinese Vegetable Soup $ 2.10 AS08 Chicken Rice Soup $ 2.00 AS09 Chicken Noodle Soup $ 2.00 AS10 Crab Rangoon (7pcs) $ 4.00 AS11 Chicken Wing Dings $ 4.49 FRIED RICE: Chicken, ham, roast pork and shrimp FR01 White Rice $ 2.25 FR02 Plain Fried Rice $ 5.00 FR03 Ham Fried Rice $ 7.25 FR04 Roast Pork Fried Rice $ 6.95 FR05 Chiken Fried Rice $ 6.95 FR06 Beef Fried Rice $ 7.50 FR07 Shrimp Fried Rice $ 7.50 FR08 Vegitable Fried Rice $ 7.25 SIDE ORDER: SO01 Fried Noodle $ 1.25 SO02 Almond cookies (5) $ 1.00 SO03 Fourtune Cookies (8) $ 1.00 CHEFS SPECIAL DISHES: with white rice CD01 General Tso’s Chiken $ 9.25 Marinated chunk chicken, deep fried and sautéed with chefs special hot pepper garlic flavored tangy brown sauce CD02 Sesame Chicken $ 9.25 Breaded chicken nuggets stir fried in a spicy seasoning then sprinkled with sesame seeds. CD03 Sesame Beef $ 9.25 Breaded chicken nuggets stir fried with sliced green peppers, onions and carrots in a […]

January 12, 2014 February 2, 2014 JD
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