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    She step out of her apartment, locking the door. She headed down the hall and onto the busy street. Looking around, her eyes fell upon a bus shelter, maybe a bus be good to take, she walked slowly checking the road as she walked, a fast car came to a halt in front of her, she slams her hands to the bonnet looking at the driver, “watch where you’re going cunt!” she screamed. Cutting her eye she continued crossing the road, she turned flipping off the driver, as he drove away. A great start to my day, the bus read deadend and that sparked a interest, sure why not she laughed to herself. I have been to hell how bad can it be?,. Stepping onto the bus she paid her fair and sat down taking off her jacket and placing it to the seat beside her. She looked out of the window watching the world go by, a sudden change in weather conditions as snow began to fall heavily. Oh just great, really fucking awesome bambi. Looks at her feet, sorry guys we are going to freeze our nuts off well if we had nuts. The beautiful scenery faded out bringing fouth a run down urban neighbourhood, shop windows where broken, women in slutly clothes walked the sidewalks, the driver shouts off here for deadend drop he called as he pulled up to the curb, getting up she walked to the open doors stepping out into the 8inch snow fuck balls its cold she says, the doors close and he pulls away, oh for fucksake, hey my jacket!, just great anything else you’re gonna lose today like your head maybe, hugging herself for warmth she steps lightly in the snow. She sees a open bar and walks in, just the warmth she needed. Screen fades out.

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