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    Though I have been in Dead End a little while this is the first time I have been able to get into forums.Being my first time, I would like to introduce myself.

    I am the half-sister of Maryjo Marioman, better known as MJ. MJ invited me to Dead End as a means of helping me establish myself in the sex trade. The first night in the red light district of Dead End, I learned that the sex trade in this city was a lot harder than in Germany.

    Unlike my half-sister, I was born and I grew up in Germany, without a father. My mother wealthy businessw oman mother introduced me to sex and the sex trade at a very early age as she used me to seal business deals with individuals with rather kinky tastes. In time, I began recruiting friends to take my place and soon developed a stable of very talented and willing girls. Sometimes I would recruit young guys.

    At an early age, I learned that my mother ‘s desired to shape me into an Emmanuelle type woman-the perfect, most experienced and most talented sex Goddess. I accepted it until I violated one my mother’s cardinal rules- never get romantically involved with a female police officer. That resulted in me being exiled to America after my mother had my lover killed. However, before I left Germany, I shut down the two brothels I created and was responsible for.

    In Dead End Lys Ritter soon took the place of my mother as I learned that she and her Black Mambas control the red light district. However, Lys proofed to be nothing like my mother and I soon found a new home and family in the Black Mamabas. This new family included a father figure by the name of Travis Pennington.To say the least Travis and I have developed somewhat of an odd relationship. that I think neither of us can really name. After challenging his authority one day we spent the night together as he never quite got around to punishing me as he intended.

    Now I am part of New Dawn and take as my responsibility the care and growth of my brothers and sisters as we seek enlightenment.

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