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Hi ho!

I thought it might be a good time to give you all a little update on the Daily and how things work atm. Get us all on the same page, so to speak.

There is a comment drop box in the Daily Offices. Bright pink, much to Eve's eternal seething. It's just inside the office doors. If you click on this it will supply you with an NC detailing how to submit your story to the Daily. There are 4 NCs inside this note.

1. NPC Daily Incident Story

This is the NC for submitting your stories. Nearly got 'napped? Let us know. You'll be paid ICly for the juicy details. OOCly submitted stories are welcome too, just fill in the NC and go!

2. NPC Daily News Ad
This is the NC for adverts. The NC for those for hire ads, personal pleas for services and whatever it is you fancy putting an ad up for. Only official DE businesses can advertise for a shop or business, but anyone can advertise for a new car/friend/victim.

3. NPC Daily Event Coverage
This is the NC to advertise events. Top tip: The website accetps a minimum size of 960px for photos and flyers.

4. DE Daily Leave a Message
For anything else. IC or OOC. Rumours. Tip-Offs. Want to be involved in a feature or have an idea you want to share? Jimmy the NPC will take your message and pass it on.

We have some new features for the paper which we'd love you to get involved with.
Humans of DE
A Dead End spin on the Humans of New York/London/Dublin project. A little one-on-one feature IC with your character plus a series of photos. As an example, feel free to have a look at Alice's feature in the Daily. I'll also be pottering about IC annoying people about it, but anyone who is interested please let us know!

Daily Dating

Lovelorn and lonely or just looking for a playful hookup? Leave a message with the Daily and we'll set you up. Seen someone in the street you'd just love to get to know? Put yourself out there in the Daily Dating pages. Anonymous (IC) messages are welcome. No trail. No case... right?

OK, nearly done. The Daily is everyone's and I can't stress enough how much your contribution as a community helps. So please keep sending us messages and ideas for things you'd like to see. We also could really do with new writers and photographers. It's a lot of fun and a great way to find RP. You can write about almost anything. Fashion, gossip, entertainment, investigative stories, scoping out your own hard-hitting leads (stalkers, come on down!). Just get with me in-world and we can talk or click the for hire sign outside the office. I'm on hand to help.

So um... Any takers? Questions? Comments?

July 29, 2015 at 10:43 am
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xelan morgath


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