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I love the snow, but anyway. I live in one of the areas that is suppose to maybe be affected. I know I had some scenes to rp out with a few people, but between comcast screwing up a simple task (that has resulted in them now sending me a new cable box, even though all my calls were over my home phone to have voicemail and call waiting removed for my job) I haven't had much time for anything this week but multiple, upon multiple calls to comcast, that have left me with headaches, and some days the worst mood I think I've ever been in.

So anyway over the weekend it'll be hit and miss, if I'll be on (I'm not on a lot during the weekend anyway, but if I have no power I certainly will not be on). I haven't forgot everyone, and I really really want to catch up with you Xelly before Thursday and our Grand Opening, a long with everyone in the Asian district. Just bare with me, I'm usually not this disorganized, I promise lol.

Wishing everyone the best, hope this snow storm isn't a big mess for us east coasters. Travel safe, and all that good stuff.

January 21, 2016 at 6:45 pm
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