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October Admin Post - Your monthly post that will include updates on any suggestions, requests or any important things that need to be told to the sim as a whole.. IF WE MISS anything, please shoot us an IM so that we can include this in here.. We will NOT discuss individual issues involving players or ooc problems..


To Mela and Dion for tossing together a Haunted House for October and sending it out with a bang!


Seasonal Decorations have been put out around the sim thanks to Nadir! Don’t forget to put out your own decorations in your home/land/business!

Sim plots - The increase of sim plots and folks getting into them have been outstanding.. We have a HUGE number of players that are thrilled about the most recent sim plot regarding drugs.. and I, personally, have watched a lot of you creep up into the sim for other various things.. Sim plots give new players a rather awesome view into what DE can do.. specifically its players.. KEEP THAT SHIT UP and bring us your ideas so we can make it happen!

CURRENT SIM PLOTS - Skull Lady Drug Plot - A drug is being distributed in DE that causes the mind to be more open to suggestion when under the influence.. The purpose is for our dear owner of Lulu's to start brainwashing folks into believing in someone called 'the Skull Lady'.. Offering up terror and fear to strike the hearts of innocents and lurkers alike.. Please IM Kara for more information (Eldine Resident)

PENDING SIM PLOTS - Titi’s Revenge (please IM Titi/Tarra for interest in having something set on fire)

Current DE Drugs - Cloud 9, Waking Terror (IM Derek for more info), Boner Boost, "Frown's Clown Powder" HYP


Impromptu Events - LEADS! If there is no event planned for the day or planned for later on in the evening/morning and you are noticing a lot of bored people on, have an impromptu event.. Last night, what started out as just a sex scene to get revenge on Anjel by having sex on his bar.. turned into a foam party with a lot of naked people and a small orgy... Little things!!! If it's realistic and doesn't require a 100 prim thing to do.. Fuckin do it... If the admins can help ya out, IE: I purchased a foam machine for this party and foamed out the 8s, then we will be happy to! Be sure and post this up in the leaders forum so you get credit.. if you have some extra time (a few hours) message leads and see who wants to be involved in it.. and just have 'em come down.. (Side note: Impromptu events do not count as your monthly, you sneaky people you..)
Announcing Events/Impromptu Events - For those having or hosting events - we do not send out notices any longer for announcements of them.. In order to announce your event to the masses, use the 911 using a radio DJ as your announcer.. You can also make an announcement in OOC chat.. Please keep these to a minimum (IE: Do not spam the chats) If it’s a 2-3 hour event - post an announcement once per hour so new folks logging in can see it - OOC same thing.. If it’s a sim plot or sim-wide event - we will post a notice

Sim-wide events - For those interested in getting a sim wide event going - Please contact Lucas Bayne (Demortiques Resident) to set something up!

If you have any sort of plot you’d like to get going - by all means absolutely get with a weaver to get something going! We NEED your stories!

Story Weavers - are here to help you.. Go to them for all your plotting needs! They're happy to hear your ideas and post 'em on the bench to get them going...

Current Story Weavers: Dee, Pagan, Tarra, Dion, Ming - Contact these folks for more information..


Drug Approval - Please be aware that when you are trying to get a new designer drug going in Dead End, to get it all written down on an NC, what’s included in the mix, what the effects would be, the duration and what to expect for side effects and pass that to an Admin for approval.. This does NOT INCLUDE drug trials/tests done by leads of DEMH unless it will be used in a sim-wide event/plot .. This does not include drugs given by DEMH staff and/or DEFD staff on a regular basis for treatment roleplay.. If no admin is available online, please leave it as an offline and we will post that as soon as we can, assuming it does not turn people into werewolves or superman..

Support Ticket Items - If you have any sort of issue with a major problem on sim - IE: I opened my door and it flew off into the air.. And never came home.. Or Land Tier issues.. Then please submit a support ticket via the alterscape website. Alterscape.sl and click on Request Support!

Abuse Reports - If you find yourself in a situation that requires a mod/community manager or admin.. Please visit deadend.sl and head to the help page.. From there, you can click “I need to report an issue with a player” and click on the abuse report link.. OR visit http://app.deadend.sl/abuse/manual.php for a faster approach.. Submit one of these if you have player issues whether or not you’ve contacted a mod (STAFF - please have them fill one of these out prior to handling the issue.. Just so we have a record beyond the forums)

LEADS! - For those with businesses, a simple reminder that it’s that time of the year! You guys have a 10 prim limit on top of your already prim allowance for decorations! Please be sure these go with the theme of the sim and follow the sim rules. (No scripts, sounds, annoying things or unrealistic items, pls)! November/Fall Decorations can now go up!!!


Sex Diner and benches outside of the FD/PD sim crossing are still pending!

Icky Quickie
Pizza Slut
Hedonist Casino
Jade Dragon
Pawn Shop (Themed Rental)
Salon (Themed Rental)
Head Shop (Themed Rental)

Michael - Kink Ink

Please take some time and drop by their businesses and shoot them some rp!

November 2, 2016 at 4:43 pm
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November 3, 2016 at 9:19 am
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