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-Our OOC mascot is a corgi named Melfi. Yes, he really was dressed like a little secret agent.

-DEMH forum can be joined by creating a DE forum account in the DE welcome area and navigating to http://deadend.sl/groups/

-We have a new mobile-friendly note card which will be published to the hospital lobby mailbox shortly.

-The follow-up phone call discharge process is a fantastic way to bring RP to you and on your terms. There is a guide to this new process in the chart system tutorial on Google Docs.

-DONGS! Saying hospital/asylum staff is boring. We now call ourselves DONGS. Doctors, Orderlies, Nurses, Guards, and Shrinks! Yes, we are saying this IC.

-We are still collecting build issues. Don't wait, report build complaints and wishes for the hospital and asylum!

-We want you.... to help us modernize our medical accessories! Thanks to Gwen, we've narrowed everything down to a small list of still usable items. If you have full perm medical accessories or experience building, sculpting, and/or texturing items please reach out! We need help with this massive project.

-Axe Pharmaceuticals and the Halfway House are excellent expansions to hospital and asylum role play. Check the mailbox note card for more information, including contact info for the respective leads.

================Full Log===================
[2016/02/22 12:58] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Our mascot is romping about
[2016/02/22 12:58] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): A corgi named Melfi.....
[2016/02/22 12:58] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Whose a wittle secret agent today yus he is!

[2016/02/22 13:02] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): We’re holding these staff meetings to promote communication. As a quick reminder, we will post meeting minutes on the DEMH sub forum which you can get access to by signing in to your DE forum account and navigating to http://deadend.sl/groups/

[2016/02/22 13:04] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Last meeting we found out, thanks to your input, that we have some players using mobile devices for SL exclusively. We'll be posting a mobile friendly notecard with instructions to the lobby mailbox soon, so if you play on a cell phone keep an eye out for that.

[2016/02/22 13:04] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Follow-up treatment phone calls are an excellent way to generate RP on your time and terms. Every time I’ve gotten around to making those IC phone calls to patients it’s resulted in patients to treat, asylum stays, and even a nefarious story line to trap a patient’s ex-lover with a 72 hour psych hold. A step-by-step guide to making these calls is on page 19 of the chart system tutorial located here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1stedV8Ngj2aTI3d0dTQUxsUTg/view?usp=sharing

[2016/02/22 13:05] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): DONGS!
[2016/02/22 13:06] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): You might have noticed Leigh and I have been saying DONGS recently. Doctors, Orderlies, Nurses, Guards, Shrinks. D-O-N-G-S. We are using it as an acronym for hospital/asylum staff cause it’s way more fun than saying hospital/asylum staff. We are all DONGS. Good, quality, caring DONGS that just can’t wait to service our patients.

[2016/02/22 13:07] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): All you giant DONGS can, optionally, sign up to be included in the hospital/asylum’s directory. The directory is included with the NPC chart our patients fill out when they can’t find any of us to play with. Good way to advertise your availability. Check the group notices for the signup note card. Deadline for this coming version is March 1st!

[2016/02/22 13:07] Mack Sheperd (mack3000): /me laughs taking note to put a sign on princesses door that reads "Head of DONGS"

[2016/02/22 13:07] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): That's precisely the sophomoric attitude we hoped people would have about this 🙂

[2016/02/22 13:08] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): We have partners in crime! Axe Pharmaceuticals and the Halfway House are now open, providing the SIM with new avenues for medical role play. Axe is now the source of all of our pharmaceuticals IC and we will be working with Axe to conduct various experiments and drug trials. The Halfway House is a potential place to send patients who are drug addicted or who might need help getting through daily life. The house has ties to the Belial Cult and will often be a home for torture, rape, all manner of nefarious deeds.

[2016/02/22 13:09] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): We’ve already created a long list of build issues and logged them with Nadir. He is up to his eyeballs with work building a fourth SIM to add to Dead End and has said the hospital will get some attention after that is done. NOW, RIGHT NOW is the time to bring up build issues. If things aren’t documented for Nadir to fix, they probably won’t be fixed for many, many, many, months or even years. DON’T be complacent! If you’ve seen an issue and it’s bugging you, TELL US! The forums and the mailbox in the lobby are good ways to leave messages. Those don’t cap and we will be absolutely sure to see the message.

[2016/02/22 13:11] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Our medical accessory freebies (bandages, stethoscopes, etc.) are out of date and rather shabby looking. In addition, we don’t have full perm versions of them so we aren’t able to repackage those materials. We’re looking for help in sorting out the massive mess that is our accessories package and find quality, full perm, alternatives.

[2016/02/22 13:12] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Phew.... all done with my shpeel so the floor is now open 😀 Instead of raising hands, emote tweaking someone's nipple.
[2016/02/22 13:13] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Ideas? Dreams? Hopes for tomorrow's children?

[2016/02/22 13:13] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): Not if I can help it

[2016/02/22 13:13] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): /me chuckles.

[2016/02/22 13:14] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): I'm pretty OCD about sorting through stuff but I'm not super on looking for fresh alternatives

[2016/02/22 13:14] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15jI_op7C_eudtKY-ZcOSW153T9fsRL67c-gI_8RiIpg/edit?usp=sharing
[2016/02/22 13:14] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): I had started to pick through all the stuff, but that list is maybe half of it.

[2016/02/22 13:15] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): That's not too much

[2016/02/22 13:15] Mack Sheperd (mack3000): Ahem for the rebuilding of the hospital we really really need up to date exam tables and beds

[2016/02/22 13:15] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): That's 30 items to find replacements for.

[2016/02/22 13:16] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): That I can agree with. The beds have limited options as is, and some of em aren't suited for some of the things that go on in them

[2016/02/22 13:16] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): I honestly really just don't like the MP search options

[2016/02/22 13:16] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): I have updating our furniture so that patient's lay more naturally and so DONGS can actually stand at the bed and look like they're working. Anything specific you'd like to see beyond that?

[2016/02/22 13:16] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): We are also going to pitch moving the morgue down into the asylum and replacing it with an OBGYN chair.

[2016/02/22 13:17] Mack Sheperd (mack3000): Well most of what we do is OB/GYN so we need the stirups on a table aha

[2016/02/22 13:17] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): The morgue would move into the last room at the end of the asylum hall... the weird one with the white sheet thing that no one understands.

[2016/02/22 13:17] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): I thought that was already going to be a thing since last meeting

[2016/02/22 13:17] Mack Sheperd (mack3000): I just know that we need one of the chairs haha

[2016/02/22 13:18] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Yeah but you and I are the only ones present who were here for last meeting 😉

[2016/02/22 13:18] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): There's one in the asylum

[2016/02/22 13:18] Mack Sheperd (mack3000): there is one in the asylum but never gonna be able to get someone willing to go down there to get the exams done lol

[2016/02/22 13:19] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): The asylum chair is an option, but an imperfect one.

[2016/02/22 13:19] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): Haha I think that is a matter of how ya present it on that

[2016/02/22 13:19] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): Rose has had the option to take her psych meetings either downstairs or upstairs and has always chosen the Asylum over the other office just based on how it was presented.

[2016/02/22 13:19] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): Maybe it's just me but if I get someone in stirrups it's not really going to matter where the chair is and wether they want to be there or not

[2016/02/22 13:20] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Maybe in the meantime we could start saying IC "Our rooms are full so I we'll be doing this downstairs today."? That might help?

[2016/02/22 13:21] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): Or state that the equipment downstairs is better and more up to date, or something along those lines.

[2016/02/22 13:21] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): And that, Gwen, I think is the need for an OBGYN chair upstairs. A lot of players who RP out a pregnancy don't want to be assaulted, so the asylum might put them off.... assault is sort of THE thing want people to know the asylum for.

[2016/02/22 13:21] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): Whaat

[2016/02/22 13:21] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): I did an echo and clothes came off

[2016/02/22 13:21] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): They were triplets

[2016/02/22 13:22] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): I know several people have expressed that being a patient upstairs for any length of time feels like a punishment and can be lacking in RP.

[2016/02/22 13:23] Mack Sheperd (mack3000): Thats people who decide to stay for crazy amounts of time normally

[2016/02/22 13:23] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Its always been tough to get people to play the after-care

[2016/02/22 13:24] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): The thing is, I view it the same as the prison, if ya don't want to be there for the healing, don't do stupid shit.

[2016/02/22 13:24] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): its getting better now that Leigh and I changed things so people can chart for what they do in after-care.

[2016/02/22 13:24] Mack Sheperd (mack3000): Its hard for the doctors and one nurse that is normally around all the time to play aftercare all day

[2016/02/22 13:24] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): That way what they do actually matters and becomes part of the story.

[2016/02/22 13:24] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): We also opened our doors to the SIM to allow people to come and read stories, spread religions, etc. It got luke-warm reception.

[2016/02/22 13:25] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): We also don't hold people to the timers like the PD does.

[2016/02/22 13:25] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Its a suggestion. If shuffling out of the hospital 10 hours too soon will mean you can have fun right now, then go have the fun.

[2016/02/22 13:25] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Partially why I encourage the phone calls for follow up RP

[2016/02/22 13:26] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): So I've just said a lot... I've got a lot of creative workarounds to the problem, but no direct solution. Any thoughts?

[2016/02/22 13:30] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): I know I have the idea to work with Axe pharms through gang relations, but was talking about taking the people used for experiments to the hospitals to generate more rp there.

[2016/02/22 13:31] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Princess is going to call a hooker for Brett if he gets feeling back in his crotch 😛

[2016/02/22 13:31] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): There is one working at the Slut xD

[2016/02/22 13:33] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Rose, what's that about Axe?

[2016/02/22 13:33] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Sorry I was a flurry of tapping fingers and missed the point

[2016/02/22 13:33] Mack Sheperd (mack3000): /me thinks thats probably what he needs too

[2016/02/22 13:34] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): Well, as you may or may not know, Rose is working with Barley with the gang Rainbow Warriors. I was talking to Kara about getting special drugs in exchange for handing over unsuspecting test subjects to her, that after we could bring into the drugged patients into the hospital either to the asylum or top side for treatment.

[2016/02/22 13:35] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): That's awesome!

[2016/02/22 13:35] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): Or hell, possibly even pull the Asylum patients if at all possible for 'treatment' and have the drugs tested that way

[2016/02/22 13:36] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): I might also suggest napping staff from the hospital to serve as test subjects too. 😀

[2016/02/22 13:36] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): I'd be all for that

[2016/02/22 13:36] Tori Callahan (torideviant): /me raises hand I would do that

[2016/02/22 13:36] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to develop stories with other staff. It requires no patient and when the patients do arrive they are suddenly thrust into our love triangles and what not.

[2016/02/22 13:37] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Totally experiment on Princess

[2016/02/22 13:37] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): 😛

[2016/02/22 13:37] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): Hahaha

[2016/02/22 13:37] Mack Sheperd (mack3000): Dont forget about cross training too

[2016/02/22 13:38] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): Rose wants to become a CNA to start of medical as I am pretty much on all the time and then there could practically be someone for either topside or the bottom

[2016/02/22 13:40] Mack Sheperd (mack3000): /me looks lonely on the couch
[2016/02/22 13:40] Mack Sheperd (mack3000): 😛

[2016/02/22 13:41] Tori Callahan (torideviant): /me laughs am I invisible?

[2016/02/22 13:41] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): It's quite cozy on this chair.

[2016/02/22 13:41] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): Nice and toasty

[2016/02/22 13:42] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Kara Dumitru (eldine) heads AXE

[2016/02/22 13:42] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): Hey, Princess, did ya guys stop giving that experimental drug to asylum patients?

[2016/02/22 13:42] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Tira Slade heads the halfway house.

[2016/02/22 13:42] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): We still have 4G3T

[2016/02/22 13:42] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Active story lines, including experimental drugs, are published in the mailbox in the hospital lobby.

[2016/02/22 13:43] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): Definitely think that should have a stronger presence.

[2016/02/22 13:43] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): Having had it used, it was fun to stumble around and could lead to some interesting RPs

[2016/02/22 13:44] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): I need to chop the instructions down finally

[2016/02/22 13:45] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Back when I wrote that up I wasn't hospital lead and there were different SIM admins who wanted to personally approve any drug. After going through five people it became bloated as fuck.

[2016/02/22 13:45] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): And that's on top of my penchant for making note cards bloated to begin with.

[2016/02/22 13:47] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Soooo.... anything else?

[2016/02/22 13:47] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): It could be fun if the drug was accidentally introduced into the environment in such a way multiple people were affected by it.

[2016/02/22 13:48] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): Like LSD in the waterline type story?

[2016/02/22 13:48] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): Something like that.

[2016/02/22 13:48] Mack Sheperd (mack3000): accidentally start a zombie event

[2016/02/22 13:49] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): Have mass panic as people can't recall what had gone one and watch them try to piece it all together.

[2016/02/22 13:49] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Might run that past Bean... she usually puts together that kind of mass hysteria event.

[2016/02/22 13:49] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): Maybe have it orchestrated by hospital staff as an experiment

[2016/02/22 13:51] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): So lemme touch on something from last meeting

[2016/02/22 13:52] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Leigh and I are kept pretty dang busy and we absolutely recognize people have a lot of talent and creativity. If you've ideas like this, please please please help us develop them.

[2016/02/22 13:53] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): I know I have told Leigh this, but I am more than willing to help develop and create story ideas with ya guys.

[2016/02/22 13:53] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Or if you see ways you can make a note card better... or medical information we're getting wrong... or whatever else, we welcome people taking on projects

[2016/02/22 13:53] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Could be a joint Rainbow Warriors/hospital story

[2016/02/22 13:54] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): We might go to dispose of some old 4G3T and give it to a licensed disposal company... which turns out to be you fuckers posing as legit disposal experts.

[2016/02/22 13:55] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): Would love to see that happen, Princess. As Barley seems to be busy IRL I am all for things like this so if ya guys ever wanna gang related something let me know

[2016/02/22 13:55] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): I'll be contacting you about an expired meds plot soon enough

[2016/02/22 13:56] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): Sounds good!

[2016/02/22 13:56] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): Rose was going to try and get meds from the hospital anyway, so this works out in her favour.

[2016/02/22 13:56] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Yep, that's the gist of the play

[2016/02/22 13:57] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Another option to steal meds is to prescribe things in a patient's chart

[2016/02/22 13:57] Tori Callahan (torideviant): /me takes notes lol

[2016/02/22 13:57] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Then hope someone plays out the followup RP and spots odd prescriptions

[2016/02/22 13:57] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Kara, head of axe, was doing that for a while.

[2016/02/22 13:59] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): I think we've exhausted ourselves

[2016/02/22 13:59] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): Hahah

[2016/02/22 13:59] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Hopefully everyone got something useful from this 😀
[2016/02/22 14:00] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): After Leigh does the evening session she and I will be posting minutes/logs on the forums.

[2016/02/22 14:05] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): You're free 😀

[2016/02/22 14:05] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): And we have a patient!

[2016/02/22 14:06] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Callista is apparently making a case that she should be going free. She's delusional, or was, so anyone want to go and check on the poor gal?

[2016/02/22 14:06] Lytril 'Rose' Berne (iyziebel): Woo patients!

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