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Judy Watson is 27-ish, friendly & caring; but also a serious, analytical, no-nonsense-type girl...until anything ....intimate... arises...she can turn very shy then (an observant Lady might identify her as very submissive, sexually...an observant man will find her friendly...but not interested.)
Judy left her home due to ...personal issues (she was rejected by her family for being TG; but doesn't look it or act it...she's not a porno object.)
She isn't destitute by any means; but she will be looking for a job in this new City.
She has a BA in Business Administration, she has been an Office Manager of a 50-employee firm (really...SL RP); and successfully competes at a multi-state-level in Tai-Chi & TaiChiJian. Her Jian is always at her home...unless she is expecting some sort of trouble... (…and why would anyone expect the kind of trouble to carry a sword around for?... I mean, *really*...)
She isn't a "bad-ass"...she carries the things a regular girl would carry:
-Driver’s License (shows "F"...documentation available in RP)
-Smart Phone
-Credit cards & ATM card,
-Makeup, Hairbrush, Nail file,
~$50 in cash.
Ohh, and a 24" collapsible Spring Baton.
(BTW, and I don't use Alts...so no Death/Disfiguration etc... this *is* my SL self.)

(OOC stuff: Judy will be looking for a Business job...possibly the CourtHouse...possibly Medical Admin...or anything legal, not offensive, and business-related. There is more...but it might have to depend on the answers to a *LOT* of questions i'll be asking in the General Forum.)

Good to meet you all!

December 30, 2014 at 3:30 pm
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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