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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening! I have been joined DE for a couple of weeks and already participate in a few scenes but now i'm planning to become a little more active breaking the shy and the limited skill on english - it is not my mother language, but i do what i can ๐Ÿ˜› - starting from introducing myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

So here it comes.. or should say, here comes trouble?! ;p

Born in a simple family, not a poor one but with limited resources in a little farm in the countryside.

Her family was one of the oldest ones in the region, all her three brothers and two sisters worked in the field helping the family to put food in the table. Since very young she gave signals that was the smarter one of the children and being the younger from all them, against the rule she was the most spoiled when it came about education. However she was a good daughter, always attentive and sharing with her brothers and sisters. Given her good results in the school, her mother always encouraged her to go further. And so it happened when was about to go to college. She got a invitation to a good college, and wanted it however the limited financial condition of her family would not be capable to pay for the college tuition. It took a few weeks until her parents to decide to mortgage the farm in order to pay the college tuition and then she went to the college.
It was everything new to her, the environment, the people, the city, everything amazed and or shocked her mas her quite lost in the first few months. At every day, night or weekend was a new experience she lived, then came the bad companies, those who led her to the worts experiences she would have. Parties, alcohol, drugs, boys, and ended pregnant. This last was what made her stop and think what she was doing. Betraying the trust of her family, to have blasts and fail the last moths in the college. She kept the pregnancy a secret to herself, except to a friend, one who became very close to her during the period. During a party with some friends, she was hagging with a guy whose drugged her to the point she could not say a thing and took advantage from her along with a couple of his friends, she would never know about his friends. This led her to an overdose that provoked and abortion.
A few months later when came the results of the first year, she discovered that she had failed, predicted but yet shocking. She would not go back to that farm and face her parents in such shame. In an act of despair, she packed and hit the road. A couple of rides later, she had arrived at Dead End City. Lost and alone, she spent the first night in a table, at the Lulu's bar where she met a couple of persons and heard a gossip about a person who was offering help to young and promissory students who could not afford themselves. She was promissory, a good student, perhaps, but would her met the standards for the program, in the next day she went after this person.
She failed again and her self esteem went down.
She met the one that would help her but in the luck wasn't with her. Perhaps it was not the lack of luck but her competence. In the end she failed again and went thrown out on the streets. Shocked and unsure of what to do she spend the first few nights roaming, sleeping in cheap motel rooms to save money and rethinking about what she would do from now on. Perhaps forget her dream of a university and fetch a job, at least it would fix the most important of the problems. The hunger and a roof.

March 22, 2016 at 3:51 pm
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