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Thank you to everyone who attended the optional OOC meeting! For those that couldn't make it to the morning or evening meetings, we've attached a summary and a full log.

Look forward to seeing you all again at next month's meeting 🙂

===Contents of attached note card below===

Huge thanks to Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo) for taking notes during the meeting!

Opening statement is a thank you to everyone for their efforts..

Whether you have put in one minute, one chart, sixty minutes or sixty charts, thank you for everything that you do.

Advising that it would be better to get an online account and join the Hospital group, this is where you will find archived notices. Please join at

We’ve also been updating our orientation cards and are publishing relevant story lines to the mailbox in the hospital lobby. Click it and then select “Your Note” from the script choices to get the latest published versions of things. The mailbox is also a great way to leave messages for hospital leads. Just drop a notecard into the box and we will see it. This is a solid way to leave us feedback and/or document build issues you’d like us to bring to SIM management.

A list is being compiled for Nadir to work on after he has finished the fourth sim that will join Dead End. So this is your chance to tell him exactly what doesn't work or what you would like to see. If you don't speak about it, no one will know.

There were points raised with regards to the list, however these will be dropped in via notecard.

Points were also made for storylines, some great ones coming up, so keep an eye on notices and the forum.

We will be looking at ways to better support our mobile players, people who play off mobile devices, when it comes to paperwork and such like. However please pass on any feedback about SL on your mobile device to Princess Yheng (princess minnelli) so that she can look at it in more depth.

======Full log of the January 20th meeting follows======

[14:04] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): We're starting these meetings because we want to have more communication with everyone. There have been lots of changes and a lot of effort from many people, so first off: thank you! Whether putting in one minute or six charts or sixty hours, thank you for all you do around here. Now this meeting will be a little heavy on announcements since it's our first, but there will be open floor time.

[14:05] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): So our first item is communication 😛

[14:05] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): SL group notices suck. They only archive for 14 days and they can cap, making it so some people don’t see them. We have been archiving group notices on the Dead End Forums. I can send you a landmark to an invite board in the DE landing area that will create a forum account for you if you don’t already have one. If you do have an account but do not see the Dead End Memorial Hospital sub-forum, please go to this link and click the button to join the group.

[14:07] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): We’ve also been updating our orientation cards and are publishing relevant story lines to the mailbox in the hospital lobby. Click it and then select “Your Note” from the script choices to get the latest published versions of things. The mailbox is also a great way to leave messages for hospital leads. Just drop a notecard into the box and we will see it. This is a solid way to leave us feedback and/or document build issues you’d like us to bring to SIM management… which brings us to our next item.

[14:08] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): We’ve already created a long list of build issues and logged them with Nadir. He is up to his eyeballs with work building a fourth SIM to add to Dead End and has said the hospital will get some attention after that is done. NOW, RIGHT NOW is the time to bring up build issues. If things aren’t documented for Nadir to fix, they probably won’t be fixed for many, many, many, months or even years. DON’T be complacent! If you’ve seen an issue and it’s bugging you, TELL US! As mentioned before, the forums and the mailbox in the lobby are good ways to leave messages. Those don’t cap and we will be absolutely sure to see the message.

[14:10] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): In the past, hospital and asylum leadership we’re very closed off in the way they handled what they considered “lead business”. The new leadership team wants to take a different approach. Simply put, we have too much work to do to get to everything even with a three-person team of leads. We also have a lot of veteran players, former leads, and leaders from other SIMs in the group that have had a wet blanket thrown on them for too long. We want, and value, focused efforts that help us cut through labor intensive tasks. If you have an idea for project you can undertake, such as overhauling one of our notecards or coming up with a new storyline or something else, let us know here or drop us a message.

[14:12] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): And that's it for announcements... so it's open floor time already!

[14:13] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Questions? Comments? Hopes and dreams for the future?

[14:13] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): I'm probably not active/nvested enough for a lot of this I'll be honest

[14:14] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Oh!

[14:14] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): I do a lot of simmy stuff outside of DE already I mean

[14:14] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): I like DE!

[14:15] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): So this is a tad premature, but in the next orientation card were going to more accurately state what we're trying to do with medical role play. It has relevance if you're feeling like this isn't a home for you...

[14:15] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): I appreciate how hard it is Princess with running this place, a huge kudos to the leadership team. We all do need to input into the hospital. For example I would love to see and have said this since day dot for the hospital to look cleaner, nicer. Not saying that I want it to be like HGH but there a nicer looking hospital there. Also although that there are kids on that sim and none allowed here, why do we not have a maternity unit?

[14:16] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): HGH is nice, though but we are so much cooler

[14:16] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): sorry I'm late y'all

[14:16] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): we are, but this hospital looks as though it is falling apart

[14:16] Louisa Cobb (callowup): Isn't it the hole point?

[14:16] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): remember the old building?

[14:16] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): yes I do

[14:16] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): this is an improvement

[14:17] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): oh I agree, but this is my opinion on the hospital and one that I have raised before

[14:17] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Essentially, we want this place to be a platform for role play and that means making it fluid. If you want to abuse patients, that's welcome RP. If you want to be a perfect life-saving doctor, that's cool too.

[14:17] Derek 'The Virus' Dravonicci (phoenix.sabahi): It's been literal months since I've been able to get back online. and mainly because of rl beeding me. life has been... strenuous to say the least, do you have anything like a notecard to explain what the changes to the hospital and what the rules are? Also, is there a way for me, meaning since I have no computer what would I be able to do in order to making said notecards since Lumiya tends to crashes when things get too longm or complicated. what can I do to help my situation?

[14:17] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): I am perfect

[14:17] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Our mission is to give you all the platform you can use to make what you want of the role play.

[14:18] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): I'm on lumiya too, it crashes a lot

[14:18] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): sometimes I can't see what I am doing.

[14:18] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): We'll have to tackle what mobile users can do... I'm not sure what functionality you do and don't have.

[14:19] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): Metaverse has zero functionality

[14:19] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): I can write prescription and dispense attitude

[14:19] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): lmaooo

[14:19] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): As for the hospital build, making the place nicer might be met with resistance.... but I have already documented and asked for a maternity ward.

[14:19] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): yes that soooo much doc

[14:19] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): that would be nice.

[14:20] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Currently, I'm asking that the morgue be moved to the asylum, replacing that weird room at the end of the hall with the corpse under a sheet no one understands. The current morgue then becomes a gyno-focused room.

[14:20] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): Is there actual surgery roleplay?

[14:20] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): I do it

[14:20] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): On occassion

[14:20] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): Ah

[14:20] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): I also like the surgery room, personally, because it has locking doors and privacy. I'm asking for se xanimations in there

[14:21] Louisa Cobb (callowup): I NPC'ed a couple of them.

[14:21] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): i dealt with a stiff the other night

[14:21] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): that's gross

[14:21] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): well she was DOA

[14:21] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): I just confirmed

[14:21] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): oh OK, lol my bad

[14:21] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): geesh Dru!!! lol get your mind out the gutter girl lol

[14:22] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): don't mind me

[14:22] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): lol

[14:22] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Short and dirty answer to the mobile platform thing.... if you can fill out a note card you can do an NPC chart and provide it with us. Make it clear at the top of the chart who you are and that you role played the treatment.

[14:22] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): oh OK good

[14:22] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): That way we can enter it for you and get you the case credit

[14:22] Derek 'The Virus' Dravonicci (phoenix.sabahi): I've done some surgery rp.. granted would love to do more if I can. Just not everyone wants to go through the tidious rp of it

[14:23] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): People don't like typing /me is still asleep for 20 minutes

[14:23] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): 4G3T can be somewhat helpful

[14:23] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): yeah I just totally post if they are under

[14:23] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): 20 minutes is like 3 posts

[14:23] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Since it doesn't actually make the patient unconscious they can still emote through treatment.

[14:23] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): although I do get permission from them

[14:23] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): I like surgery perhaps we can rp together on an npc

[14:24] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): brb

[14:24] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): hb

[14:24] Derek 'The Virus' Dravonicci (phoenix.sabahi): or... since this is DE, we don't necessarily have to go by the book. dark rp is dark rp and malpractice is somethi g suited for de, is it not?

[14:25] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): I keep drugging my patiens to bait out lawsuits but they all just like it

[14:25] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): it is a dark RP place, however I think it depends on how the typist wants to be

[14:26] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): lol do the opposite

[14:26] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): lol

[14:26] Derek 'The Virus' Dravonicci (phoenix.sabahi): have ya tried pipecuronium without local anesthetic?

[14:26] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): sell the drugs and give the patients aspirin

[14:26] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): Someone convinced me to screw the system to funnel more money into the hospital budget

[14:27] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): we should have another gala, since the cats out if the bag now. dru will pay for it.

[14:27] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): back

[14:28] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): that was fun, excepted for the part I got tazzed

[14:28] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): wb

[14:28] Derek 'The Virus' Dravonicci (phoenix.sabahi): wb

[14:28] Louisa Cobb (callowup): welcome back

[14:28] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Reading the chat... y'all want some spoilers for stories that are in the works and about to break?

[14:28] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): you're getting them anyways

[14:28] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): i won't take note of these

[14:28] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): they arent really spoilers

[14:28] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): nooooo

[14:28] Derek 'The Virus' Dravonicci (phoenix.sabahi): well, since I'm back I do have an rp I'd like to propose.... if ya want

[14:28] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): lol OK

[14:29] Louisa Cobb (callowup): I'll hear anything interesting

[14:29] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): lay it on me

[14:29] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): First, there's going to be an expired drug feeding frenzy starting soon.

[14:31] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): So basically gangs are going to be invited to buy, convince, coerce, etc. the servicesof hospital staff to steal them a handful of a massive pile of expired medications.

[14:31] Derek 'The Virus' Dravonicci (phoenix.sabahi): well, since the hospital has a "budget crisis" and money is tight we could perhaps start slippin on how the practice should be ran... allowing syndicates/gangs to fund the hospital and help by malpracticing on people they are against. such as they beat someone up and we have to stitch them up. but instead of giving them pain killers we give them things like adderall or otjer drugs. torture a bit before fixing them up

[14:32] Derek 'The Virus' Dravonicci (phoenix.sabahi): oh lol same thing I was thinking Princess lol

[14:32] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Second part is malpractice... and I might ammend this after dwelling on Derek's ideas there.

[14:32] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): I like that but instead of gangs like corporations

[14:32] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): It will certainly bring RP to the hospital

[14:33] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): The hospital is going to discover an account loaded with cash... catch is the account can't be touched unless it's to pay legal fees and court ordred payouts.

[14:33] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): can we find ambulance chaser?

[14:33] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): This gives us an IC basis to stop stamping out malpractice. Gwen has been sort of piloting this RP, though she might not have known it.

[14:34] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): I was trying but everyone just gets high and relaxes

[14:34] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): can money bags dru supply said cash?

[14:34] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): It also invites lawyers to come and RP with us since, presumably, they will want to be the hospital's representation in all there soon to be frequent malpractice lawsuits.

[14:35] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Third thing!

[14:35] Derek 'The Virus' Dravonicci (phoenix.sabahi): also another correlation to this would be drig running

[14:35] Derek 'The Virus' Dravonicci (phoenix.sabahi): drug running?

[14:36] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Louisa has a story for her character that is slick and she's opening it up to all of us to participate in. Her character wants to be a whistle blower and is compiling evidence to incriminate hospital staff. She will be feeding this evidence to a phantom... a man ole lady with a giant dungeon.

[14:36] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): I like drigs

[14:36] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): If that interests you, get with her on arranging for the passage of evidence and what not.

[14:36] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Princess is completely screwed 😛

[14:36] Louisa Cobb (callowup): XD

[14:37] Derek 'The Virus' Dravonicci (phoenix.sabahi): nothing too big though.. like a body.. right?

[14:37] Derek 'The Virus' Dravonicci (phoenix.sabahi): we all know Virus and his... errm... bodies... *shudders*

[14:37] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Louisa was snooping through my IC house and I was rolling dice to determine the severity of what she found. On a 100 sided die she rolled 100.... lucky! So I had to be honest and give her, like, everything Princess has ever done.

[14:38] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Best to work with the author

[14:38] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): Fudge is a pure as snow, so nothing there I'm afraid

[14:38] Louisa Cobb (callowup): Ultimately, the plan may be strongly oriented towards failing. But we'll see where it goes.

[14:38] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): as*

[14:39] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): dru is hard to describe, helpful but indifferent.

[14:40] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): So for next time... we want to look into what can be done to better support our mobile players. I might be leaning on Derek and Dru to help me get something together.

[14:40] Louisa Cobb (callowup): Is there any kind of viewer for iOS?

[14:40] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): there is metaverse and it's crap

[14:41] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): I at least want to entertain like a google spreadsheet instead of note cards and see if that makes it easier on you guys

[14:41] Mk6 (mkvi.foehammer): I've used the google open docs or whatever it's called before for faction stuff and in my experience it works great but after a while noone looks at it anymore

[14:41] Louisa Cobb (callowup): If it comes to writting and paperwork, I can help out with that as long as I know what to write

[14:42] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): prompting to remind them to check googledocs

[14:42] Dru Lambert (druxsilla.moonwall): brb yall

[14:42] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): hb

[14:43] Louisa Cobb (callowup): Is there a drive for DE?

[14:43] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Well we'll think about it... I do need to poke a bit and see just what these mobile platforms offer in the way of functionality before really knowing what to say about this.

[14:43] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Not for DE... stuff like the chart system tutorial I host on my own drive

[14:45] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Anything else? Did I miss anything?

[14:45] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): you missed me

[14:45] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): Always miss the fudgicle

[14:47] Fudge 'Doc' Placebo (fudge.placebo): yay!!

[14:47] Princess Yheng (princess.minnelli): I think it's safe to call it. Thank you all for coming!

January 28, 2016 at 4:37 pm
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