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A. I would like to see if we can get a “spinner” in the bar, so that actual pool games can be played, and maybe a note card giver or a sign with the following explanation. Maybe the green can say “Great Shot!” and the red can say “That sucked!”

Playing Pool at Easy 8

Easy 8 pool can simply be role-played out, but if you’d like to have an actual “game” with someone, here’s how it goes!

Easy 8 pool is won when a player gets four balls in (playing the full 15 would be an extremely long game), plus the 8 ball. (Just for guidance…the 1-8 balls are all solid, the 9-15 are striped)

1. Deciding who goes first
Call a Red or Green color to decide who gets to break. Click the Red/Green roller on the wall. The person who called the correct color gets to “break”.

2. First Turn – The break
Click the Red/Green sign again. If green appears, your next shot will go in. Red, you will miss. Then emote your turn. You simply choose “Stripes” or “Solids” on the first shot that “goes in”

3. Play
Just as in a standard game of pool, if your shot goes in, you get another turn. If you miss, it becomes your partner’s turn. Simply click the sign before typing your emote to know whether your shot will go in or not. Green it goes in, Red it does not.

4. Winning
Once you get four of your own balls in, you will then have to hit in the “8″ ball for the win.

Additional tips for making it fun
-If you want to “let” your opponent win, and you are on your last ball (the 8 ball)…simply “scratch” (meaning the white cue ball also goes into a pocket).
-If you need to shorten the game, accidentally knock the 8 ball in before it’s time. You will automatically lose the game.
(you do not need to have a green light to knock the 8 ball in and lose)
- “Scratch” on regular shot….this allows your opponent to actually place their ball on the table, supposedly giving them an easy shot…can be fun if they then roll red and miss the shot anyway.

Have fun!!!

B. The options for the pool hall job offerings should be changed. Waitress removed, and new titles to be “Bouncer”, “Barkeep”, “Pool Instructor”. I imagine pool instructors to be kind of sleazy….bending over the innocents to “teach” them a shot. Pool instructors can also give ” private lessons” in the new private room 😀

January 24, 2014 at 4:37 am
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January 26, 2014 at 10:20 am
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January 26, 2014 at 4:14 pm
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