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The Butchers Hook
By alisterkeenan resident

TYPE: butchery

SLURL: Next to the car park at shop

BACKGROUND: The Butcher's hook is a business that will work on the adage that it is best to hide in plain sight, although hopefully it will be one of those places that will on occasion be given a second glance as it has the air of somewhere that is more than it seems. On the face of it this would be a humble butchers shop, carcasses hanging in the window and a counter inside, which will serve the purpose of being able to network with some of the other businesses that serve meals around town. It is the behind-the-scenes component of this business that makes up the main reason for its existence. Firstly, it will operate as an independent torture and medical centre, somewhere that factions/criminals/even the police force will hopefully bring people who they wish to get information from, or who have been injured and do not want to suffer the 'inconvenience' of going to the hospital. An entrance to the sewers is perfectly positioned at the front door, so could be handy for customers finding their way to the premises discreetly. Secondly, I hope to explore the possibility of making this a wholesale drug supplier, only one drug, for example cocaine, smuggled in the bodies of the cattle that are to be slaughtered at the butchery, I appreciate this would depend on liaising with and getting approval from the admins, and it would be a place that sells drugs by the kilo, not by the gram


EXPERIENCE: I hope to add an extra dimension to the dynamic role-play that occurs within dead end. I like helping create storylines as well. I have previously run businesses on a different account in the sim with success and I enjoyed it when I did so.



March 26, 2015 at 3:03 am
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