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The discussion continues for all time right here on the forums!

[17:06] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): your home and your chair is in the air lol}
[17:06] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): this one}

[17:07] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): i accidentally sneezed and deleted the house. Tried to replace it but finding little things still off that I am having to ix.
[17:07] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): fix

[17:07] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): ROFL LMAO}}}\

[17:08] Aleha Levee: LOL

[17:08] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): wtf
[17:08] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): thats some fucked up bullshit.
[17:08] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): giggles insanely

[17:08] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): hit take in the selection wheel.

[17:08] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): all you have to do is reset inworld
[17:09] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): it will go right back to place

[17:09] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): ah.....didn't know that existed.

[17:09] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): ok, starting

[17:09] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): restore inworld setting in inventory}

[17:09] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): sounds like there may be a victim in a bit.

[17:09] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): yup

[17:10] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): We’re holding these staff meetings to promote communication. As a quick reminder, we will post meeting minutes on the DEMH sub forum which you can get access to by signing in to your DE forum account and navigating to http://deadend.sl/groups/ . If you don’t have a forum account, you can get one by clicking the board in the DE landing area.

[17:10] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): I’ll be opening up the floor and turning this into a discussion shortly, but first I’d like to get to a few announcements.
[17:11] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): You all rock! Yeah, I know, how are Leigh and Princess still on this. Well it’s true and if you didn’t see the notice it was posted to the DE forums. It contains the full explanation of why the one year anniversary of being a lead is so special to Princess. Hint, it’s ‘cause you all rock. http://deadend.sl/discuss/topic/you-all-rock/

[17:11] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): A purge is coming! Purges are SIM events where chaos reigns. During the upcoming purge the hospital will be shut down completely. Princess is going to steal medical supplies from her own hospital on the way out, then use them to put together doctor’s bags. During the purge, if you like, you can RP being a battle-field style medic. We’ll communicate via handheld radios using the DEMH group chat, but please RP that the radios are ineffective, prone to interference, and we might potentially have radios stolen IC and people can mess with us.
[17:12] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): I am totally RPing this field medic style, especially since most of the FD is not online that weekend with Lucas and Andi's RL wedding.
[17:12] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): Vie is gone as well.
[17:12] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): RL friends.

[17:12] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): The purge response is going to launch Princess’ IC bid for city council. If you haven’t been following that SIM plot, the DE story weavers are going to be assigned to IC city council positions. During the campaigning, Princess will be advocating for merging the Hospital and Asylum into a new Dead End Health System. This may or may not coincide with an actual merge of the hospital and asylum groups, we will communicate details once we’ve worked things out with Nadir.

[17:12] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): ok

[17:13] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): ((stop me if I go too fast. I take no one stopping me as everything is good.))

[17:13] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): im trying to keep up. i saw the sl event thing
[17:13] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): De event purge 2

[17:13] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): ((going slower then, yes
[17:14] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): Purge 11-15
[17:14] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): all city services are stopped.
[17:14] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): figure crime will be up, etc.

[17:14] Aleha Levee: Will refer to forums

[17:14] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): i can do the same at Odessa if thats ok? steak shit. set up in the apartment. also leave open access to my apt too.}

[17:15] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): http://deadend.sl/discuss/topic/the-purge-two-please-weigh-in/

[17:15] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): syes read it. i can be on if im feeling good.

[17:15] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): of course

[17:16] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): Axe Pharmaceuticals is still in play. They are putting forth experimental drugs. If you’d like to play this or be involved, contact Kara Dumitru (eldine).

[17:16] Aleha Levee: Nice

[17:16] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): oh i had some made of my own. lol. yup we see. yes ill get with her too. }

[17:16] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): I have RPed their Cloud 9 medication, it has been fun from the publicly proper Leigh.

[17:17] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): ok cool}

[17:17] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): Medical marijuana is now a thing! Information on how to prescribe medical pot can be found in the DE basic medical guide contained in the February orientation materials.

[17:17] Aleha Levee: Yes

[17:17] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): ok

[17:17] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): Lastly, The SIM has been grappling with issues where people are going AFK in a public space. This can result in apparent gaming of the cred system and confusion among new players who think they are being ignored. Please step off hospital grounds to go AFK and try to remember to switch an OOC tag/titler.

[17:17] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): yes]

[17:18] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): ((doesn't really pertain to us, but was online one night and we had three staff afk in the hospital))

[17:18] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): I adressed this with Kyo lots of time like now they realize its a issue????

[17:18] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): ((admin was about to eject from sim before they returned.))

[17:19] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): anything on sim plots that I can answer?
[17:19] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): no prob

[17:20] Aleha Levee: no

[17:20] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): no im good. i will try to be there Princess is aware i had some health issues they are still but i feel like i can do ok in rp now. and both of you know my alts. }}

[17:21] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): We’ve been looking to update our pack of medical accessories. Princess spoke with a couple of vendors about making a DE pack and struck out. We are stalled on refreshing our accessories pack. For the time being, the most likely response is to put together a list of MP links we can provide when people ask

[17:21] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): ((yup Sy))

[17:21] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): wait what do you need?

[17:21] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): and Sy, the stuff you gave me I may try to package with Princess help.
[17:21] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): you know that bag with the old prim scrubs and the outdated med things

[17:21] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): i have scaples wheelchairs and med books notes and more bandages masks.

[17:22] Aleha Levee: I have some medical things

[17:22] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): problem is is that most of the sim stuff is not mesh compatible.
[17:22] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): I tossed a lot of the package since I got a mesh bod.

[17:23] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): bloody scrubs, etc. A lot of clothing items.

[17:23] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony) whispers: oh i have over 150 items/

[17:23] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): full perm?

[17:23] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): mhmm

[17:23] Aleha Levee: Any transferable?

[17:24] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): mhmm
[17:24] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): ill box it up this weekend

[17:24] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): I have no clue how to package, but if you could, Princess would love you forever.

[17:24] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): ok.

[17:24] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): awesome

[17:24] Aleha Levee: I have to check what I have

[17:25] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): as ana alt Aleha you had a lot of shit from the old sim}

[17:25] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): if you go into that knapsack in the break room and look, only like 10 items are usable for most people.
[17:25] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): MJ can use it, but I doubt Aleha can.

[17:25] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): ok ill get it all done in the wee hours of thre morning

[17:25] Aleha Levee: Yes, I transfered what I could

[17:25] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): ok..oh MJ. lol right.

[17:26] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): ok, that is about it. ANything for the common good?
[17:26] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): questions, comments, complaints?

[17:26] Aleha Levee: You covered all very good

[17:26] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): no, i just wanted the tag changed and to be able now to work freely without bullshit. So far its really cool and good in the sim.

[17:27] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): and I forgot, welcome Derek on the third board seat....we are wanting to anoint a department head or two, so if you really liek the hospital, we would love to have an underling or two.

[17:28] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): i would love to, but the only thing is health issues is what stops me.

[17:28] Aleha Levee: sounds good

[17:28] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony) whispers: i dont work either now. so it would be nice. but i will just learn from the uppers for now

[17:28] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): when the new sim pops and the hospital gets changes, we are revamping the tag sescriptions to include Department head roles and stopping the craziness of having two groups for the hospital and the asylum.

[17:29] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): oh

[17:29] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): understandable Sy

[17:29] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): we have a lot of rapes
[17:29] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): i would love to head a SVU division
[17:29] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): rape cases

[17:29] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): that would take a collaboration with the PD and Tarra is not on a lot this month because of work.
[17:29] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): though I will bring it up to her and Shade.

[17:30] Aleha Levee: I will concentrate in the asylum

[17:30] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): of course ALeha

[17:31] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): excellent. i have experience RL and also long time ago had a incident which im not afraid to talk about, and i know how most investigations are done and i love SVU so might br a fortay... dunno
[17:31] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): be

[17:31] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): and that is totally cool, though if you want to access the charting systems in the hospital, you may need to get the nurse role. Just don't wear the regular tag for the hospital.
[17:31] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): just as MJ has

[17:31] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): i dont have that

[17:31] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): which?

[17:31] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): orderly?

[17:32] Aleha Levee: Yes, Read that the charting system will change

[17:32] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): oh....orderly, hospital equivalent is nurse

[17:32] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): this the only tag i have

[17:32] Aleha Levee: MJ is going to get killed off in DE

[17:32] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): besides off suty
[17:32] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): NO

[17:32] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): if you wanted to RP in the asylum, hit the job board down there

[17:32] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): are you serious?

[17:32] Aleha Levee: No

[17:32] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): but i loved MJ
[17:33] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): she was good and horrid

[17:33] Aleha Levee: She will be around from timt to time

[17:33] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): lol ok.
[17:33] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): Nasti likes tormenting her but i think they found some peace

[17:33] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): but sy, hit the job board and hit shrink if you want to do psych counseling, etc.
[17:34] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): in the asylum

[17:34] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): Oh!

[17:34] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): if you can't get the shrink role, I can give that to you once you hit the job board down there

[17:34] Aleha Levee: read that the charting system will be, ir has beeen changed

[17:34] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): yup, don't know exactly when but it will change and no more NPC notecards.

[17:35] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): cool was a pain

[17:35] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): but yeah, nothing has changed yet, but by july it should. I am hoping that we can get a HUD to make house calls easier.

[17:36] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): much liek the PD has

[17:36] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): ok

[17:36] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): anything else?

[17:36] Aleha Levee: ok

[17:36] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): yeah i get a call and i have to run. i have a motorccle tho a med one
[17:36] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): but im not paying 800 a week
[17:36] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): to ride

[17:36] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): yeah, that is a lot.....
[17:37] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): only thing keeping me from getting a black panel van

[17:37] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): nadir needs to make that free for people for rp only

[17:37] Aleha Levee: Yes, and I have a patient in the sylum

[17:37] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): for Pawn kidnappings and asylum play.
[17:38] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): are you charting the RP ALeha....chart every once in a while
[17:38] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): I usually chart 2-3 times for a patient stay.

[17:38] Aleha Levee: I will

[17:38] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): in the asylum
[17:39] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): all right you two....see you in a bit ALeha....dinner is a calling....Sy, feel better love.

[17:39] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): ty!}

[17:39] Aleha Levee: TY
[17:39] Aleha Levee: Have a good dinner

[17:39] Leighanne Thomas (leighanne86): ok, making NC for Braeden and then poofing to dinner.

[17:39] Syrena Sollomovici (syreni.barony): ok see you soon {"

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