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Hello DeadEnders!

I wanted to post a little something to better help those curious about medic RP, the workings of it and what is usually to be expected when getting medics to respond! This way, we can all communicate a little better on what you want for your RP.

When a 911 call is placed and EMTs are dispatched, this usually means that those showing up will provide RP. The same goes for when cops are dispatched. You can easily expect a potentially lengthy scene depending on the number of those in the area and the injuries you have.

What does an EMT do?

There are generally two levels to EMTS. EMT Basics and Paramedics. There are, of course, other levels in this but this is an RP sim and we're just generalizing. SO..

EMT Basics are a step above first responders, which are basically firefighters. They can use a defib or provide CPR, can use splints, give oxygen and basic things. They can help you take medication but not provide.

Paramedics (which are what the DEFD folk are, unless probies) do all of that plus a lot of other procedures. Including proper intubation, give IVs, do EKGs, give medications and a ton more. They are, for lack of a better explanation that would be lengthy and take all your time, a step below an RN (or Nurse). (I will provide links for those curious about the difference)

What to expect when calling for Paramedics?

Basically, we're going to provide you with medical care. Our primary goal is to make sure you are stabilized enough to move and get to the hospital. If we're unsure you're able to be moved, we will likely provide the RP to get you stable. We also follow the 2 actions per post rule. This means if we have to get an IV started, get you on a backboard, get you in a neck brace and then get you on a stretcher, it will not be done in one post. If it's a simple broken limb we'll get you on a stretcher and ship you off to the DEMH after stabilizing the leg. If it's a very traumatic injury you can expect a pretty lengthy scene depending upon who arrives.

Typically, a paramedic or EMT arriving on scene will ask in your IMs what sort of injuries we're going to see. Providing us with a list of what we would SEE or notice is the best way to kick it off. Offer your vitals, as well. Heartbeat rhythm, breathing, pupils dilated or not, so on.. We'll be checking these things and giving them to doctors so they can better know what and how to treat you.

The three questions! We ask you three questions to which if you fail two, you're in trouble (in this Paramedics opinion). Missing one question happens. Missing two could equal out to something much more serious. If you are non-responsive or answer the questions wrong, we will ask those in the immediate area if they saw anything or if the victim had spoken prior to our arrival. The more we know the better we're gonna be able to treat ICly.

What can I do to speed up a scene?

NPC EMTs can be provided if you need to get going in a scene. Do not hesitate to include in your 911 chat, in brackets, that you need a simple transport to DEMH if that's your goal. IE: ((NPC EMTs for transport is fine))

IM communication is your best friend. If you're ok with a multi-action post and the Paramedic responding is ok with the short scene then, by all means, IM us to let us know you have to go, you have someone waiting or you just want a quick scene. Remember, you're providing US with RP as much as we are for YOU. We do not want to take up your time if you don't want it taken up.

In closing:

A lot of us enjoy this sort of RP, so we like to provide the detail that we can. I happen to be lucky enough to be married to an EMT so I get the glory of asking her a ton of questions while I'm in a scene so I get it right. We want to be sure you enjoy the scene and get as much fun out of it that we do. A lot of us, behind the monitors, were EMTs/medics, ARE an EMT/Medic/FF or have been/are in a relationship wtih EMT/FF/Medic. However, if there is TOO MUCH detail it can be taxing on all the players. WHICH, can be easily cleared up with communication. IM us, tell us what you'd like to see happen. Tons of detail/lengthy RP. Some detail/still good RP Or mention in the 911 chat (in brackets) that you prefer a simple transport to DEMH. We are more than happy to provide. IF you have any questions you can IM any one of us and we'll happy to answer! Below is a link for those curious in the difference between an EMT and Paramedic.


August 15, 2015 at 10:38 am
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